Fun with AG games!

I  discovered a few weeks ago this super cute collage maker on the american girl website! You can make a mini wish list! (and I mean mini, there are far too many cute things to fit them into one collage! Haha)

Here are two I have made:


What do you think? Have you made a collage on  their website? If not you should! You can find it under the MAG game section!

Speaking of wish lists…. I thought I would tell you what is on my AG Wish list.

  • Rebecca Rubin (I am asking for her for Christmas)
  • Rebecca’s lace dress
  • Rebecca’s Hanukkah dress
  • My American Girl #56 (the one in my collage,going to save up for her!)
  • Polar Bear PJ’s for dolls
  • Purple Peacock PJ ‘s for dolls
  • Roller skating set for dolls
  • Ballet outfit
  • 2-in-1 ice skate set
  • Plaid Party dress for dolls
  • Glasses: Either the blue or purple ones…or both! haha!

What Are some things on your AG wish list, and Christmas list?



2 thoughts on “Fun with AG games!

  1. Yes, I just found out about it today!! I really love it. 🙂
    The things that are on my wishlist are
    the My AG doll with short brown hair and light skin
    Caroline Doll
    Caroline’s Winter Coat and Cap
    Polar Bear Pajamas
    Sleepover Accessories

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