The Thanksgiving Fair. (photostory)

Hey, Felicity here, finally getting back into writing! my “mom” took over for a while! So today was our annual Thanksgiving Fair at our school, kids get selected to present their school projects and some get chosen to give a speech. Kirsten was chosen to show off her project (because she is so smart!) And Samantha Was chosen to give a speech!!! 😀 I got put on the decoration comity, because my project wasn’t good enough….(“this is her mom speaking and Felicity, it wasn’t that, they are only showing 20 projects and yours just didn’t get picked,it’s no big deal there is always the Christmas fair!”)  😉

Anyway, I still wasn’t picked, BUT my teacher let me give the announcements over the intercom system and get up on stage to introduce Sammy! So I did have a pretty big job! 🙂

Everything was going perfect till this happened….. (my “mom” will tell the story)


The girls were so excited, this is them right before it started, in front of the poster for the fair, and it has Samantha’s name on it (because she was the featured student speaker!)



The stage was set up perfectly, Felicity and her team did a great job.



Kirsten was showing off her project! 




“you see, everybody calls it Turkey day, and when you do that it takes away all the meaning out of the day!” -said Kirsten finishing up her presentation to her teacher.

“Ah, I see, and what made you  think of this for your project?”- asked her teacher Mrs.Stubly

“Well, for me, I was adopted from another country when i was 5 almost 6, My home over in my old country wasn’t that great, but I always think about how they must have felt coming over here to a strange new world, kinda like i felt but at least i had a great home to come home to with a sister and a great mom! and that makes me want to give thanks everyday.”- said Kirsten glancing over at me, I smiled.

“very excellent, Kirsten.”- said her teacher Mrs. Stubly, then she walked away.

“MOM! she NEVER gives compliments unless she is really impressed!! DO you think I’ll get a good grade?”- Asked Kirsten after her teacher walked away.

“I don’t know we’ll just have to see, you did do a great job, I am VERY proud of you!” -I said.


Next thing Felicity got up on the stage, “May I please have your attention?” she said. the room quieted down, “thank you, Our special speaker today was chosen from 32 other students, She was the only 3rd grader that tried out, Please welcome Samantha Parkington!” She said, (well she did read off a paper her teacher gave her, but she did a great job!)


Felicity took a seat beside Kirsten who was on the front row! I was behind them.


“Hi, i want to talk to you why Thanksgiving is important!” she started, “many people only think about how great the food will be, but it is so much more….” she went to get her next index card and then……


THEY ALL FELL TO THE GROUND!! Samantha had no time to pick them up! Image

“um…” her mind was racing, nerves were kicking in trying to remember what she was going to say next.

Kirsten turned around, “mom should I go help her?” 

“no, she’s got this!” I said, just hopping what i said really was true.

then Samantha started, and it as the best speech ever! It went something like this:

Thanksgiving is so much more than we make of it, it’s not about the food, or sitting down on thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, You don’t even have to live in the past and try to remember how the first thanksgiving went,what’s important is that you spend that time with your family, being kind to one another on that day especially, but most important of all, giving THANKS. and not just that day, but everyday, sometimes i think it is sad, people  need a day to remind them to give thanks to God. We should strive our best to give thanks everyday, not just one.  I hope this thanksgiving you will truly have a grateful heart,  and remember the service men and women; who can’t be with their families, the homeless; who don’t have a warm home to go to this thanksgiving. the children who are sick and scared not knowing if this is their last thanksgiving, or if they will even see Christmas. This thanksgiving remember what is important, Family and Friends that gather around together, giving thanks, give thanks that you have a family, that you have a home, that you have food on your table, and please send a prayer big or small for those who don’t have much to give thanks about. When we say Happy thanksgiving, it’s like saying; give your thanks happily, because there is always, always, always something to give thanks about. Happy Thanksgiving!


When she finished the crowed was silent, thinking on what this 8 year old just said, some were crying, then the biggest applaud I had ever heard broke the silence. Her Teacher went up and congratulated her! Her sister ran and hugged her, it was one her proudest moments, I was even more proud because that was not her original speech at all!  She just said what was in her heart, it was a moment she truly shined! 🙂



Have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!  (this photo was taken after Sammy gave her speech)


♥ Tg, Felicty, Kirsten and Sammy.



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