A Christmas Story: Part One.

As we were walking down town the girls spotted a big toys store. “Look mom! Can we go in? PLEASE!?” they all seemed to say together. How could I refuse, toy stores are fun! This is pretty much what happened when we walked in:




“Whoa! look at the Camera!” said Kirsten, “Perfect for a Jr. Journalist!”

“Yeah! OH my Gosh! look at that cute designer dance bag! that would be perfect for me! imagine going to competitions with that!” Said Felicity.


“Mom! MOM! Look at this doll! Isn’t she perfect!?” Said Sammy.


Later I found her holding the doll, she must REALLY want her! All this stuff is really cool, but SO expensive. I mean look at it all:Image


Really cool doll houses!


They also had a pet store, uh-oh, I just got my girls cured from puppy fever…they caught it…AGAIN!! Hahaha! 🙂


“Cool, look at the turtles mom!” Said Sammy. 


“AWWWWWW!” They all said in unison. “It’s so sad it has to be here, with no one to love her!” said Felicity to me. 


“And look at all the cute doggy accessories!” Said Kirsten.

After we left they were all giddy and excited! Talking about what they were going to ask for Christmas from Santa. 

“Mom, do you think we will get it?” asked Sammy.

no, it’s all far to expensive, and you already have too much stuff… Is what i wanted to say, but it’s Christmas and I am not going to crush their dreams so I said what all parents say at Christmas; “We’ll see what Santa can do.”


On Christmas morning, they steeply walked out to the living room, to find lots of presents under the tree, but was it what they asked for?  


                                                                                  ♦  End of Part One ♦




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