The American Girl Life: Episode Two (room tour at end)

Dear Diary,

So yesterday I left my home, and was at the airport leaving for Seattle at 10:47 am.

The plane trip went well, but it was weird traveling by myself. I wished my mom would of been with me, and I was wondering if I was really was making the right decision.

But as soon as I landed, and had gotten my bags, I met my Aunt Clara, One of the nicest people I have met. She drove me to a beautiful house, and soon I realized it was hers! “I really get to live here?” was what I was thinking!

“Quinn is very excited to meet you! Kenzie (her nick-name for McKenzie) is too, but, uh, not as much as Quinn.” She told me

“Wow! They are actually excited to see, ordinary me?!” I said.

“You are not ordinary, dear, You have just been excepted into one of the most prestigious schools. Quinn and Kenzie went there, and it was at one of there performances there that a talent agent saw them, and now they are one of the biggest names in the country!!” She sad cheerfully. “Now, you and the girls will be staying on the 3rd floor, you will be getting the loft. I won’t take you up there till they are home, because well, I remodeled it and I want all 3 of you to be surprised!”

*note: My Aunt is a very successful interior designer.

Less than 10 minuets later we heard their car pull up, I was so excited and nervous! I was about to meet the Parson Sisters!!! 🙂


“Mom, we’re home! Is she here? Is Marie here!?” Quinn said before she was even completely in the door. I felt so honored! McKenzie didn’t say anything.


“And Mom, I DROVE!!!” Quinn said. She is so happy!


“Remind me never to let Quinn drive again!” McKenzie said. (OH, so she speaks!)


They came into the living room where I was sitting with their mom, and a moment of terror rushed over me as they stared me down. Quinn’s face had a welcoming expression, as though she was saying “Let’s be friends!” McKenzie looked at me like “I don’t really want you here, but it MIGHT be fun.”


Aunt Clara went to get us all a snack, and Quinn McKenzie and I talked.

“Congratulations on your awards! What an honor it must be!” I said.

“Oh, your so sweet! Thank you!” Quinn said, “I still can’t get over it! just today we were at the mall and we couldn’t take one step without someone stopping us for our autograph and picture! It’s so strange!” Quinn said. She kept talking, she is very talkative. I should of said Quinn Talked, because McKenzie and I couldn’t get a word in. Well, even if McKenzie could, doesn’t mean she would!!

After we ate, Aunt Clara showed us to our room, but really I should say floor!

100_2367 100_2368 100_2369

(McKenzie’s room)

100_2370 100_2371

Then there is a little hallway, and it has a door that leads to a sitting room.

100_2373 100_2374

(Samantha’s room)

And last but not least, my room, which is really big! Auntie said it’s so I can have my own space, “to think and create!”

100_2375 100_2376 100_2377 100_2378

(Tg speaking, ignore the dog, I accidentally had it setting there! lol!)

I have my own sitting room, bookcase, storage area , etc. It is AWESOME!

I have to go to bed soon, I have a big day tomorrow for registration at school. I am happy Aunt Clara will be with me! Wish me Luck!!



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