Old AG Items, feeling NEW! :)

Some of you may know that Kirsten was my older sister’s doll. All of Kirsten’s outfits have been in our attic, until tonight!

My parents brought down all of my Sister’s AG accessories. some is original Pleasant Company!!!! 


This is what american girl clothes used to come in gals! 😉








Real AG ice skates!! Kirsten is so happy!! 🙂



Pleasant co. wire hairbrush, and doll face wash powder!! 



My sister made the shawl and cap. Sorry you can’t see it very well, but it is really cute!







Glasses look like Molly’s! They look really cute on Samantha! 🙂





BOOTS!! Real Boots!!





Sorry it is blurry!




I now have her complete Birthday set, now I have to wait for her Birthday!




I have never seen her in her meet outfit! I love it! SO CUTE!!!




It felt like opening a new AG doll! lol!




My favorite… A DESK!! you will probably be seeing this a lot!! 😀





Her eye looks a little weird, but she’s happy!!




She is So cute!! ❤




“Hi Gals!”



Ahh! Pleasant CO! I needed a wire brush too!

Thanks to my sister, I am really happy!!!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Old AG Items, feeling NEW! :)

  1. That’s so cool! And I love the Samantha desk. 🙂 My sister would love to have one, I’m sure. So did your sister give you her Kirsten doll?

    • I know! I am feeling so blessed to have this stuff!! The Samantha desk is my favorite, too!!
      Well, she gave Kirsten to me when she moved out, for safe keeping. She said once she has a daughter of her own I have to give her back! 😦 She is married, and expecting now, so I am hoping it’s not a girl!! haha! 🙂

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