Activity Books!

So, apart of my AG savings, I am thinking about maybe getting one of the AG activity books. I want to try to get all of them (well, the 4 I like). But which one do you think I should get? Do you have any activity books, and which ones do you suggest? is it worth the $21?

Here are the 4  I want:


A-Doll School


B-Doll Boutique


C-Doll Travel


D- Doll scrapbook (bonus, only $17.95!)

Thanks everyone! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Activity Books!

  1. I would say that Doll School is the one you should get, but I think Doll Boutique is pretty good, too, if you want to make a boutique. I think Doll Scrapbook is useful if you want to scrapbook pictures of your dolls. I don’t have Doll Travel, but I do want it. I have Doll School and Doll Boutique, and I think they both are pretty good kits. My sister has Doll Scrapbook, and that kit is pretty good too. It has a lot of stickers!!! However, I would suggest buying them on Amazon instead, because they are significantly cheaper. Or, you could buy them on There, you can ship your items to a Walmart store near you for free, and then pick the items up! I’ve ordered AG kits either way, and both are cheaper than directly from AG. Hope this helps!! 🙂

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