Dolls, Dolls, and a very cute Girl of The Year!

Okay, so you all know that I am saving up for Rebecca Rubin (to hopefully get her this Summer.) But lately I have been obsessing over Isabelle Palmer! I Really like her, too. And since she is only here for one year, I kind of want to get her! I am thinking, should I try to save up for 2 dolls? And do you all think people would think I am selfish? because I’m not, I am going to have to work really hard to save up for Rebecca alone. Does anybody know if Isabelle is worth the $120?  

I really love the fact that she dances, I have always wanted a GOTY, but I have never gotten one..and I keep waiting for the right GOTY to get, but I always miss them, and then the next year I am always like, “Why didn’t I get HER!!” 😦 

Do you think I should try to get 2 dolls? Do you all think I could do it? 🙂 HELP!!! 



Any Information on her will help, if you have seen any videos about her that you think could help me, please let me know!!


9 thoughts on “Dolls, Dolls, and a very cute Girl of The Year!

  1. Personally, I don’t think she is that great of a doll, and since the speculation is that she is more money because of the highlights, I don’t think it is worth it, since I don’t like highlights. But that’s just my opinion. I would say that if you want a doll that dances, get Rebecca and make her be a dancer. Or, one of the dolls you already have could be dancers. And if you do really want a GOTY, you could always look on eBay for a cheaper deal on an old GOTY. I know that they are hard to find, but who knows? Oh, and also, I have heard that the highlights are hard to put in her hair, and that the blond on the highlights is not the same color as her hair. If I find a video of a review of Isabelle, I’ll let you know!! 🙂

    • Thanks, that is true! Since her outfits are mix and match I would be able to get some things for Rebecca, the other thing is that I like her accessories A LOT, but they have Isabelle’s face on the cards, but I could ignore that, because the jacket is SO cute!! 🙂 Yeah, I had heard that about her hair, that’s why I was kinda not wanting her, IDK, I am just thinking about all the dolls I like/want and getting everyone’s opinion! Thanks Christian Homeschooler!


      • Yeah, I think instead of getting Isabelle, you should get one or two of her outfits that you like. Or her accessories. I love her jacket too! Although I was just thinking, why does it even have her name on it? Jackets aren’t usually like that…

      • I think that is what I will do! 🙂
        I know, but I watched a video of a girl opening/reviewing her accessories and on the back of the jacket it has her schools emblem! So that is pretty cool, I think it would look cute on my girls! 🙂

  2. A LOT of people say the hair add on is cheap and comes out easily. But you could always get the high lights set. I think she is cute. 🙂 ~Leah

  3. I have Isabelle and really love her hair . It was really hard to save up for her all by myself! I think you should list all the things you like about each doll and if Rebecca has nine and Izzy has two then just get Rebecca if you really want her!

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