Dreaming of Kanani! <3


I WISH I HAD KANANI!  She is Gorgeous! 

I was looking on ebay for one but I can’t find any for a responsible price! If anybody EVER finds or hears of a good deal, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! 

Who wants to give me $3000!? I am totally kidding! 😀


One thought on “Dreaming of Kanani! <3

  1. I DEFINETLY reccomend Kanani. She is really pretty in the pictures, but she is super gorgeous in person. Just so you know, most Kanani dolls have one eye smaller than the other, so if that bothers you a lot I wouldn’t get her. I got Kanani the year she came out, and the prices people are asking for her on eBay are CRAZY!! 900$ just for one doll??
    Another thing you should know is her hair is kinda hard to care for because of its length. I keep her hair in braids or buns most of the time.
    I know you want Rebecca, but I don’t have her so I don’t really have any advice on her……. But I have seen a few Rebecca’s on eBay for okay prices. I would try looking on there for one. You never know what you could find, you could find her whole collection for the price of the doll 😉 lol
    I know this comment is a little bit late…..
    – Ella B

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