A typical night at our house! :)



So Samantha and Kirsten were just siting on the couch, and there wasn’t  any room for Felicity. So she just jumped on top of them!



And it turned into a tickle fight, Sammy and Kirsten against Liccy! 😀






And finally they stopped and Felicity found room on the couch! 🙂







Then they just do a bunch of really random stuff, they usually turn my bed into their personal gymnasium! 😀





I have no words!




Liccy wanted to them to hold her up as she did a headstand, and they ended up pushing her down! 



And Felicity puled Sammy down, and started tickling her!




And Kirsten got in on it too!




And then they finally calmed down enough to go to bed! It’s practically like this every night , I am one tired doll mom! haha! 🙂 But I love my girls! 

The best part, They laugh the whole time and any time they might “fight” it’s usually silly, and they resolve it in a minute! 🙂 🙂 Best dolls ever!


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