Saint Patrick’s Day Party!

On Monday Felicity, Samantha and Kirsten wanted to have a party! But a friend of theirs from school was also having a party, so they weren’t sure if anybody would come! But they decorated anyway! 😀




“Kirsten, I found the green napkins you wanted. But I can’t find Lissie, do you know where she went!?”

“Oh thanks you Sammy, you can put them on the table. And No, I don’t!” Kirsten replied


“Wow, Kirsty! EVERYTHING looks GREAT!” Sammy said.

“Yeah, I just hope people will come, Jenny was throwing a party today too!” 😦 


“Hey girls, I have to take Zuzu out for a walk, I’ll hurry back. Text me if anybody arrives!” Felicity said as she came in, “And everything looks great!”


“Well I guess we’ll wait!” Sammy said, sighing.

“Yep! Hey, has Felicity forgiven you for getting her spot on the Cheer-Squad?”

“NO! She still doesn’t talk to me, that’s the most she has acknowledged me this whole week!!”

“That’s sad, we were so close! I mean it’s not your fault, the coaches picked you, she was cheer captain last year, I think we are all shocked that she didn’t make it, but she could always get onto the summer squad!”  Kirsten said, trying to cheer Sammy up, but it didn’t really work. They sat there for what seemed like forever, and then they heard a strange sound. “Sammy, do you hear that?!” 

“Yeah, it sounds like…like Lissie!??” Sammy said shocked!


“NOOOO, ZUZU!!!! COME BAAAAACCKKK!!! Ouch!” Felicity was yelling!



“Ugh, that wasn’t fun!”


“LISSIE! Are you okay!?” Kirsten and Sammy said together.

“Yeah, where’s Zuzu?”

They all turned around, and saw Zuzu, well, they saw THIS:




“OUR PARTY!” Kirsten cried!


“Zuzu, you bad lil’ dog! Sorry girls, I’ll go take her to the other room!” Felicity said as she picked up the leash and took Zuzu away.



When Lissie got back Kirsten was gone, and only Sammy was sitting there. “Sammy, where is Kirsty?” 

“She went to her room, I think she is crying!”

“Oh, Sammy. I know I was mad at you. But you couldn’t help the coaches decision, Do you think you could forgive me!?” Felicity asked.

“Of coarse!!! I have been wanting to talk to you, but I didn’t know how. Besides, I love you too much to hate you forever!” Sammy said.


they hugged, then Lissie said, “DO you think we could clean up, and make this place look like, well a party!?”

“I think we could!” Sammy replied!


Sammy ran to the kitchen to get new food, Celery, cookies, and Kale chips. while Felicity reset the table, and made sure all the decorations were  okay.


kirsten came out and saw them sitting together, and saw that the room looked ready for a party.

“You gals made up? and cleaned up?!” Kirsten said, shocked!

“Are you surprised that we made up, or that we cleaned!?” Sammy asked.

“Both!” Kirsten answered



She ran over and gave them both a big hug.

“Shall we have a party!?”



They tried throwing confetti, but it ended up in a big pile!

Soon the door bell ran, and all their friends showed up! They said it was the best party ever! 🙂


HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! We were “Lucky” (blessed) that everything turned out great, the girls made up, and teamed up. Felicity said that she rather be a team with her sisters, then be against them! 

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

-Tg, Felicity, Kirsten, and Sammy! ♥


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