AG savings….uh-oh!

Okay, since I bought the outfit, I had to take money out of AG savings. Which was for the Rebecca doll and outfits, since I was saving up for that outfit anyways it’s okay, but now I only have about $10 saved for my doll, I hope I can save $110+ for this summer!!!  🙂 

Have you ever been to the AG place, do you want to go? Any suggestions on the best way to spend the day at the AG place? 


2 thoughts on “AG savings….uh-oh!

  1. look at dolls, go to the bistro and take pictures of your dolls with the displays!
    its not just you I am saving up for Isabelle and it has took me 3 months so far and I am not to much farther ahead toward the half way point . I hope you get her soon!
    I love going to the AG place though I have only been to the bistro 4 times. it is expensive .

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