Saturday means: Caption This Doll Pic!

This is actual a segment from And I don’t mean to steal Ideas, but this one is SO fun! 

So are you ready to CAPTION THIS DOLL PICTURE?

100_2501  How does, Caption This Doll Picture work? Comment down below what you think the girls are saying, on Monday I will pick my top 3 favorites, and you all vote for your favorite. And that’s how caption the doll picture works! So caption away!!!!!

For an example go here:


5 thoughts on “Saturday means: Caption This Doll Pic!

  1. I think they are talking about how much fun the have had with Kirsten . they are talking about her ice skating and the award she got . They also are so thankful that Kirsten is in their life and they don’t know what they would do with out her!

    • That’s great! but, you have to do a conversation caption, for example,
      Sammy: I can’t see Kirsten!
      Felicity: Maybe because you are looking at a wall!”

      You know, it can be silly or serious, so you can take what you wrote and put it into a conversation! 🙂

  2. Felicity(shouts): Go Kirsten, Go Kirsten!
    Samantha: Would you quiet down a bit, Felicity, it is hurting my ears.
    Felicity: NO! I won’t stop! Go Kirsten! Go Kirsten!
    *A little later*
    Kirsten: Man, my voice is hoarse. How did that happen?

  3. Go Kristen, Go Kristen the girl with brown hair shouted why are you shouting so much asked the girl with black hair. I’am practicing my cheer I have to be ready to cheer Kristen on at her big soccer game

  4. Samantha: You got the sign ready for my campaign right?
    Felicity: Campaign? What campaign?
    Samantha: You know, I’m running for Student Body President! And you were going to do the sign.
    Felicity: I was? Ooooh! I thought I was supposed to make a sign of who I was voting for!
    Samantha: Oh well that’s fine, seeing that you’re voting for me right?
    Felicity: *silence*
    Samantha: Right????
    Felicity: Weeeellll I uh-
    Samantha: Let me see the sign.
    Felicity: Sure… *hands the sign over then runs*
    Samantha: Felicity!!!!!!

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