Whats coming up in April?

Hey! I have some really exciting news! I have tons of new ideas, I will be trying them out coming in April, and if you girls like it then I will keep them! 


Okay so what is coming?

Saturdays: Caption The Doll Picture! On Saturdays I will post a picture for you all to caption!

Sundays:  Totally Sammy! So on Sundays, Samantha will have a segment called: Totally Sammy! Where she will write about her week, funny things, photos, anything that runs through that dolly’s mind! (Oh gee, what are we in for!?!)

Mondays: Vote for you favorite Caption That doll Pic. Caption! and Monday Challenge! What is Monday Challenge? Well, I will post a category, or a funny caption, and you all have to send in pictures of your dolls acting out that category! And on Saturdays the winning Photo will be posted! 🙂

Tuesdays: I don’t have any ideas for Tuesdays…YET! 😀

Wednesdays: Caption That Doll Pic. Winner Announcement!

Thursdays: Kirsten’s Krazy Thursday! same kind of thing as Totally Sammy. Just by Kirsten! 🙂

Fridays: Felicity’s Fridays! Same thing as Totally Sammy, and Kirsten’s Krazy Thursday, just by Felicity! 🙂

So this is an example of what is coming up in April! since it is “An American Girl Life” I wanted to have more post by my dolls about their life as an American Girl Doll! Along with all of these new things coming, I will still be doing Photo stories, and Photo Shoots, and other fun posts like I have been doing! 🙂 Are you excited? I know I am! 😀

Well, have a great day!

♥Tg, and the Gals!♥


7 thoughts on “Whats coming up in April?

  1. I love those ideas. I especially love the Totally Sammy, Kirsten’s Krazy Thursday’s, and Felicity’s Friday’s!!

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