What’s on Tg’s AG wishlist?-UPDATED!

Hey Girls, Tg here, I wanted to share with you what is exactly on my wishlist, and everything I want to try to buy/get this year, whether if I buy it at the AG place when/if I go, or for my Birthday, or Christmas! 🙂 


So First of all, Rebecca Rubin ($110)is on my Wishlist (As most of you know) I am definitely going to try to get her this year, just because you never know who American Girl is going to retire next! 😦 I am planning on renaming her Elisheva Rubin (Still trying to think of her middle name! Suggestions?)  


Next on my wish list, is kind of random..


The Hanukkah Gift Set ($20) I just really love this set, especially if I get Rebecca,  and  I am Jewish, so I am in love with all the Jewish sets! Isn’t this adorable!?! 🙂 

I also want to get an MAG outfit but I am not sure which one, the Casual Chic Outfit was at the top of my wishlist, and now I have that outfit! So I am trying to decide between…


                                                                Easy Breezy Outfit ($28)


                                                        Tropical Bloom Outfit ($28)

And there are a few other ADORABLE outfits I really want to get soon! 😀

I also want…

R   Rebecca’s accessories ($24) I just feel like it’s a lot of money for so little…you know?


                          My favorite from Rebecca’s collection… Rebecca’s Lace Dress ($32) 

And something random that I have LOVED for a long time…


         Kit’s Reporter Set- ($28) I really love everything about this set, it is SO cute!

And something I want to get before it’s gone…


Isabelle’s Accessories-$30, Again a lot for so little-but the jacket is SO cute! The back is embroidered with the Anna Hart school logo! 🙂

So that is everything on my wishlist, things I really want to try to get at the AG place is, Rebecca,  MAG outfit,the Hanukkah Set, and of course Exclusives, and if I have enough I want to get EVERYTHING, but I’ll be happy if I can save enough for Rebecca! 🙂

So a grand total (including about $30 for Store Exclusives)- $273! I am not sure if I can save that much for this summer, but I will probably ask for some of this for Christmas! 🙂 

What’s on your wishlist?

Talk to you later!





4 thoughts on “What’s on Tg’s AG wishlist?-UPDATED!

  1. Oh, I love Becca! I hopefully can get her sometime to. If it was me, I would choose the Easy Breezy Outfit — so adorable! But it’s up to you 🙂

    • IKR! I have wanted her for a long time! 🙂
      I am leaning towards the Easy Breezy outfit, I thought it looked adorable when it came out! The Tropical bloom outfit has slowly grown on me! 😉

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