Caption This Doll Photo!

Same thing as before, I post a picture and you caption it, on Monday I will post my 3 favorites, and then you vote for the winner. You can post as many ‘Captions’ but they have to be in separate comments. On Wednesday the Winner will be announced!

Are you ready to…Caption this Doll Photo?



Example: (it can be longer than this!)

Samantha: check it out, I can kick higher than you!

Felicity: Wait…are those my shoes?

Have fun! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Caption This Doll Photo!

  1. Sammy: Hey, Lissie, are you ready for cheer practice?
    Felicity: Huh, what are you talking about?
    Sammy: You know, cheer practice, where you practice cheerleading.
    Felicity: Sammy, I know what it is, but we don’t have any practice today, it’s Monday, we have practice on Tuesday.
    Sammy: Um, Felicity, today is Tuesday.
    Felicity: Uh no! I completely forgot! Its already 5:00, we have to get there in 10 minuets! We’re gonna be late!


    Hope you liked it 🙂

    ~Abigail ♥

  2. Sammy: hey, do you think I am ready for the cheer squad ? karate chop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lissie: they don’t do that in cheer. They do this : Go team go! Go T-E-A-M !
    Sammy: So they don’t do this? (starts kicking)
    Lissie: Careful ! Don’t hurt me! By the way , were are your Pompoms ?
    Sammy : I don’t need pompoms . But were is your white belt?
    Lissie : Here we go again. Sammy, did you mean to sign up for karate ?
    Sammy : Ops.

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