Felicity’s Fridays…almost! ;)

Hey Everyone Lissie here! So I am doing my ‘Friday’ post today, because yesterday was busy, hopeful I can do my post actual on Friday next week!! hehe! 🙂

                  ♥Felicity’s Fridays!♥

So today I am going to be showing our morning routines, on a normal school day! 🙂 And sorry some of the pictures are weird we had to use the flash for some of the…I hate how the flash makes everything look…weird! 😦

So let’s get started…


So first my alarm goes off, and I try to get up! 😉 (I didn’t let mom take a photo of me asleep! haha!)


Then I go wake up Kirsten, I always get her up first, so that way we can talk without Sammy around! haha! 🙂 Where is she in her bed??


Oh…there she is!


So she gets up, and we talk for a little bit, then one of us will go and wake up Sammy! 🙂


She won’t be up for a really long time….Image

So then I go and get dressed.


Putting on my shoes!


Do you like my outfit? (Haha…Sammy’s feet…she should get up!)


Then I make sure all of my homework and books are in my book bag.


I usually have a little time left before we have to go, and a few days ago Sammy posted a pic of me asleep on facebook…so this is my revenge! hahaha! 🙂


Kirsten is up at this time too, she is usually checking the blog, FB, pinterest, and things like that to help our Mom out! 🙂


Then Kirsten yells over at Sammy, “WAKE UP!!!! WE ARE LEAVING IN FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!”


“WHAT!!!” Sammy says as she jumps out of bed, “WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME!?”

“WE DID!!!!” Kirsten replies.

and then it can turn into a fight, and I have to go get our mom, and then we go to school.


So I got to go, I will talk to you all next week!

Comment down below about what you want me to post about in the future! 🙂





4 thoughts on “Felicity’s Fridays…almost! ;)

  1. Oh, I love this idea! I would want to do it on my blog, but we post everyday anyway. You think your house is hectic? Well, you should see mine! The rest of the sisters think I’m the crazy one, but you should see them! I think it would be fun for you to do a typical school day. Like after Sammy gets ready then you have to get onto the bus, and so on.

    ~Kit XD

    PS. I think I’m gonna do a typical day at my house, then you could see how crazy my sisters are!

    • Well i just started a “war” with Sammy, she got mad at me for my “revenge”!! haha! She said she is going to get me back, so I feel like our house is going to get MORE hectic! 🙂

      Yeah, I will totally do that! I might do one about the days I have Gymnastics, and Cheer too! 🙂


      P.S. Can’t wait! 🙂

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