Leibester Award…again!

So Ella from It’s A Doll Worldnominated me for the Leibester award again! And I say that I would answer the Questions today, adn I almost forgot! So here we go…again! 🙂

1. What kind of camera do you use? Kodak easyshare C1450

2. How long have you been blogging? Since November 13th, 2013

3. Who is your best doll-friend? umm…  all my dolls?

4. Who is your owner’s (If you are a doll!) best friend? I can’t say her name on here. 😦

5. Do you walk from school, ride the bus, or get picked up? HOMESCHOOLED! So I just walk one step to my desk! 😉

6.Mexican food or Chinese food? Mexican!

7.Dogs or cats? CATS! 🙂

8.AG or Pleasant company? Pleasant Co. all of my dolls (so far) are Pleasant Co.! 

9.Do you read Itsadollworld blogSometimes, I follow you so I see your posts! 🙂

10.Ballet or Tap? Tap (although Kirsten says otherwise! And Felicity says Hip-Hop! 🙂 )

11.Marie-Grace or Cecile? Ooo,That is hard but I think Cecile! 🙂



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