Caption this Doll Photo!


Last week we had 2 captions:

From saige4crafts
Sammy: hey, do you think I am ready for the cheer squad ? karate chop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lissie: they don’t do that in cheer. They do this : Go team go! Go T-E-A-M !
Sammy: So they don’t do this? (starts kicking)
Lissie: Careful ! Don’t hurt me! By the way , were are your Pompoms ?
Sammy : I don’t need pompoms . But were is your white belt?
Lissie : Here we go again. Sammy, did you mean to sign up for karate ?
Sammy : Ops.

From Abigail {The Dazzling Dollies ♥}:

Sammy: Hey, Lissie, are you ready for cheer practice?
Felicity: Huh, what are you talking about?
Sammy: You know, cheer practice, where you practice cheerleading.
Felicity: Sammy, I know what it is, but we don’t have any practice today, it’s Monday, we have practice on Tuesday.
Sammy: Um, Felicity, today is Tuesday.
Felicity: Uh no! I completely forgot! Its already 5:00, we have to get there in 10 minuets! We’re gonna be late!

(Winner will be posted next Saturday!)

Now…it’s time….to caption THIS doll photo!!! ready?


I absolutely love this photo! haha!  caption away!



3 thoughts on “Caption this Doll Photo!

  1. Kirsten: Alright everyone, now stretch you legs. As far as you can. Stretch…
    Samantha: Am I doing alright Kirsten?
    Kirsten: Yeah, totally! When you’re good enough try jumping and doing the splits.
    Samantha: Ok!
    *Felicity walks up to them*
    Felicity: Hey guys! Whatcha doing?
    *Samantah does splits in the air and almost hits Felicity:
    Felicity: AHHHHHH!
    Kirsten and Samantha: Oh my goodness! Felicity are you alright?!
    Felicity: Uhhhh…
    Kirsten: Why did you jump and do the splits?!
    Samantha: Because you said that I was good enough!
    Kirsten: I said WHEN you’re good enough!
    Samantha: Oh.

  2. (Sammy and Kirsten are sleeping on the bed.)
    (Felicity comes in the room)
    Felicity: Cannonball!
    Kirsten and Sammy : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Felicity: what ? Mom said we could stay up all night if we wanted to wait for the Easter Bunny .
    Kirsten : If you say so. Sammy , do you want me to teach you a gymnastics class on the bed?
    Sammy: sure!
    ~ Later ~
    Kirsten : Your doing great on your splits Sammy!
    Felicity : how am I doing on summer salts !
    Mom: Girls???????????????????????
    Felicity , Sammy , Kirsten : oops .

  3. Kirsten: Ahh… It is so nice to stretch in the morning.
    Samantha: I agree!
    Kirsten: Uh, Felicity? What in the world are you doing?
    Felicity: I’m relaxing!
    Samantha: That’s not a comfortable position!
    *Samantha gets in the same position*
    Samantha: Ow, ow, ow!
    Felicity: Maybe for you not for me!
    Kirsten: Let me try! It’s not uncomfortable, Sammy, I don’t know what your problem is!
    Samantha: Man, you people are just too flexible!
    *Stomps out*
    Felicity: Kirsten, what kind of position was she in, anyway? It certainly wasn’t what I was doing!

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