Q&A Friday?

Sorry I haven’t posted, I have been busy with school! 😦 So here we go, with this weeks Q&A! 🙂

From Carli: Nominated me for the MagNeoBlog Award, again! So I am just going to answer the questions, since I had already nominated people before you can just answer her questions in the comments below, then we can get to know you,too! 🙂

1. AG catalog or AG magazine? Catalog, I have never read their magazines, but my BFF is bringing hers when she comes, then I will probably like those better! 🙂
2. What doll do you want next? Rebecca Rubin! ❤
3. Barbie, or Ever After High? Barbie
4. Would you rather go to a really flowery public park, and take pics of your dolls, or stay on your property? If I wasn’t shy about still loving AG then a park! 🙂
5. Caroline, or Isabelle? Caroline
6. Have you ever regretted getting something from AG? NEVER!
7. Do all your friends know that you have AG dolls? No,only one! And she is my BFF, I only trust her. And of course my online friends! 🙂
8. Favorite AGYouTuber? That’s tough, probably..Basilmentos, she is amazing!!
9. Converse or Uggs? Converse, definitely! 
10. Dogs or cats? Cats!
From Christian Homeschooler: 
What do you think like to see on other girls’ blogs? Photostories, and photo Shoots! 🙂
What do you think about Life of Faith dolls? They are really cute!
From Leah:
have you ever read THE ROMEO AND JULIET CODE, or THE BOY ON CINNAMON STREET. both by Phoebe Stone? Have you read THE LAST MUSKETEER 1,2, and 3 by Stuart Gibbs? No, but I will check them out! 🙂
From Abigail:
Do you play any sport(s)? Not really. I am not on any teams. I am more of a musical girl! 🙂 But in the summer I love playing Volley Ball, and badminton..we don’t have much yard space, its a hill so those are the only sports we can play in the backyard! haha! 😀 I wouldn’t mind being on a team but I am already busy with music! 🙂 
Tomorrow we are doing ‘Send it Saturday’ so send in today and tomorrow by 2 pm EST. 🙂 Thanks!
Comment your questions down below! Have a great day!!! 😀

10 thoughts on “Q&A Friday?

  1. if you could only buy ONE more ag thing, what would it be and why? summer, winter? candies, or chocolates? who do you like more, Chrissa GOTY 2009, or Lanie GOTY 2010, why? pop, rock, country? bye for now! ~Leah

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