Send it Saturday! :)

YEAH!!!! Our first set of photos for “Send it Saturday’! 🙂 

We only got one photo this week, from Leah! ♥

 ​DIY doll salad made by me. ~Leah​

​DIY doll salad made by me. ~Leah​

If you want to be a part of SEND IT SATURDAY send me up to 5 photos by next Friday to be put into next Saturday’s post!
Send your photos to:

And a quick update, I am not able to post too much right now because I am SUPER busy with school I am trying to get done before my family goes on vacation in a few weeks! Once school is out I will be able to post more, don’t look for a TON of posts for the next few weeks!. But Have a great day! 😀




16 thoughts on “Send it Saturday! :)

  1. hey tg! i was on my favorites and couted how many doll blogs i have on it i have 68! and i have 6 other blogs! whew! ~Leah

  2. 😦 i feel you, i thought i deleted my favorites thing, and i was about to cry, i had books and blogs and pinterest stuff on there! 😦 but it didn’t get deleted, thank god! 🙂 ~Leah

  3. these are the top doll and non doll blogs i go on : Doll diaries, americangirlfan , , Little house of american girl , your blog, its a doll world, and dolly dorm diaries. I didn’t put this in order cuz if i did your blog would but first. 🙂 bye! ~Leah

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