Q&A Tuesday! :)

Wow, I’m actually getting to do Q&A on Tuesday!!! 😀

From Leah!
 when is your bday: June 7th! 🙂
if you could only buy ONE more ag thing, what would it be and why?Probably Rebecca, because I love her!  
summer, winter? Summer!
 candies, or chocolates? Chocolate! 
who do you like more, Chrissa GOTY 2009, or Lanie GOTY 2010, why? Lanie,because I love curly haired dolls! 
pop, rock, country? A little bit of it all, I seriously love all styles of music! 

From Christian Homeschooler!
What’s the blog that you visit the most? Hmm….AmericanGirlFan.com and LittlehouseofAmericanGirl.com

From Anne and Abigail!
What’s your favorite song? Beautiful Day-Jamie Grace
Favorite book? Hunger Games
How many AG places have you been to? none, I am hoping to go for my first time this summer! 🙂


Thanks for all the questions, keep them coming! I am having SO much fun answering them! And remember you can ask questions directed to my dolls too! 🙂 Have a great day!



13 thoughts on “Q&A Tuesday! :)

  1. Marisol, Lindsey? Facebook, twitter? do you have any brothers or sisters? if you could have a different name what would it be and why? what do you want to be when your older? i would like to be an interior designer, or something like that ( I also want to be a writer in my spare time) . 🙂 do you write books? ?) Thats all for now! 🙂 ~Leah

  2. that smiley face will NOT work, it was going to be a smiley face with a question look, but i guess it didn’t work! Lol! 😀 ~Leah

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