Q&A-Wednesday! :)

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but i thought I would do it now because I have free time! Like I said i am really busy leading up to Vacation, so I won’t be posting until I get back! 🙂 (Which will be a little over a week from now!)


Spring or Fall? Spring, I love how you go from the cold to warm weather, and everything is so green! (plus my birthday is in the spring!)
Caroline or Isabelle? Caroline!
Sneakers or flip-flops? Depends on the weather, right now, flip-flops! 🙂
Favorite store? Target, and hobby Lobby! 🙂
Our Generation, or Journey Girls? Our generation
Elsa or Anna (on Frozen)? Anna (I have friend named Anna, so I was kinda like ‘Oh yah, She’s the best!’ haha!)
What’s your Favorite month? May..seriously, the weather is usually PERFECT, rainy days, and sunny days, school is wrapping up, and my family usually goes on vacation in May! 😉 (Lower rates! ha!)
Marisol, Lindsey? Marisol 
Facebook, twitter? Facebook
 do you have any brothers or sisters? yes, one sister (and she is Married, so extra brother), and 4 brothers, and one is married (so extra sister!) 😉
if you could have a different name what would it be and why? Tough question, I love the name Diana, like from Anne of green gables! ❤ Love that name!
what do you want to be when your older? Hmm, last year I wanted to be an Historical Archaeologist..still kind of do. But definitely something with history, maybe write history books because that leads me to your next question
Do you write books? YES! I am actually working on one, it’s a love story…I started writing it when I was younger, I forgot about it then last year I started re-writing it, and a bunch of re-written stories later, i am finally going to finish writing it this summer and hopefully publish it! 🙂 but I might grow up to be a writer, and write history books, both fiction and non-fiction! 🙂 
Thanks for all the Awesome questions, ask me some more and I will answer them when I get back from vacation! 🙂 And my school is wrapping up so I am hoping to do more doll related post, not just these Q&As, sorry i haven’t posted my life is busy but in a few weeks i am hoping to post more! Yay!!! 😀 Have a great week, and I will “talk” to you all later! ❤ 🙂

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