Ask your questions!

I will be doing a Q&A on Tuesday, so ask your questions! πŸ™‚


23 thoughts on “Ask your questions!

  1. Have you ever been to an AGP?
    What’s your favorite color?
    Other than Rebecca, what other dolls do you like/want to get?

    • HI! I feel like I haven’t gotten to see what is happen in the AG online world, I was off line for 2 weeks because I was on vacation and then I was with my bff. When I came back on I saw all the news about AG changing, and the BFF dolls retiring! I missed SO much! lol!

      • So sad!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily was my favorite historical but she retired last year and now my 2# favorite Cecile is retiring . I regret not getting Emily when I had the chance so I am sad Cecile is going to ! (I would put a sad face instead of an exclamation if when I tried to it would work)

      • You might be able to find Emily on ebay? That’s how I got Felicity…because I got her a year after she retired. I am so sad about the whole change, I didn’t realize they were changing so much! 😦

      • Oh, I got Felicity for $70…But I was looking for a while. I would just keep on checking on there just in case one comes up in great condition for a great price! πŸ™‚

      • I couldn’t help but see Emily’s name in this comment, I own Emily. She is a really pretty doll. I was really sad to see her and molly go, also I don’t like the new historical line. I think it is weird, oh well, I guess it is not my decision. I also am sad that Cecile is going cause I really wanted to save up for her 😦 Do you like Isabelle? (I think she looks too much like McKenna).


  2. Next Wednesday I am going to a beach which I will say what beach when I get back. Stay tuned inn for pics!

  3. if you could meet 2 bloggers or youtubers, who would you meet and why? this isn’t a q&a question, but can i get a wordpress without making it a blog, like just a little account? ~Leah

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