Q&A Tuesday! :)

Getting Back into the swing of things around here, I am finishing school on June 19th! So I am hoping after than I can post MORE! I am hoping to post pictures of my dolls at CDD! 🙂 Welp…Let’s get to the QUESTIONS!!! 🙂

fav. colors? Lavender, Light Pick, and Lime Green! 🙂
What is you fav. kind of book (adventure, action…)?
I honestly love different styles of books, because I love The Hunger Games (Definitely action). and I LOVE ‘Tuck Everlasting’ and I am not sure what style that is! But I love a lot of different Literature! 🙂
Fav. food? Hmm…seriously I have to say a loaded burger with a side a fries! haha! #SOunhealthybutSOYUMMY!
Fav. dessert? Yellow cake with a layer of peanut butter, and melted choclate chips (Set to harden) on top! That is what I am having for my birthday this year! CAN’T WAIT TO EAT IT! 😀
if you could meet 2 bloggers or youtubers, who would you meet and why? Um…that is so hard. I guess Jaclynn (Little House Of AG) and BASILMENTOS!!!!! 
where do you live? Sorry not allowed to say my location! 😉 

Christian Homeschooler:
What would you rather:

doll clothes or doll furniture? Clothes
Marie-Grace or Cecile? Cecile
Isabelle or Saige? Saige
GOTY doll or My AG doll? MAG


Anne and Abigail:
Have you ever been to an AGP? No, but I am hoping to go to the AG place DC this summer, and hopefully do a MEET UP! (More Info later this summer!)
What’s your favorite color? Lavender, Pink, lime green.
Other than Rebecca, what other dolls do you like/want to get? Caroline, and two of the MAG- the one with short blode curly hair and blue eyes, and the one with Medium skin, and dark curly hair. (If anybody knows their numbers let me know) 🙂


Where did you go on vacation?

I LOVE answering all of your questions, so keep them coming! 🙂 I will hopefully post pics of my dolls at camp soon, so keep a look out! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Q&A Tuesday! :)

  1. Meet up? Yay! Can’t wait ot here more 😀

    Julie or Isabelle?
    Lindsey or Saige?
    Ruthie or Ivy?
    What AGP do you live closest to?

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