Kirsten’s Krazy Thursdays!

Heya! Kirsten here, as you all should already know! And for those of you who don’t know, and might be asking, “Wait, where’s Tg?” It’s simple, she is letting me have a day to write, she finally came to the understanding that DOLLS RULE! (Tg here, sorry, she get’s really crazy sometimes…that’s why we called it “Krazy”) MOM! Stop interrupting!!! Sorry…

SO welcome to…..

 ♥ Kirsten’s Krazy Thursdays!♥



So you all should know me…if you don’t head over to the ‘Meet The Girls’ page…did you go? did you see my gorgeous picture? 😉

I am not really sure what to write about! I want you all to comment down below things that you want me to write about in the future, because I gotta please my fans..right!? 🙂

Something I am sure you are all wondering…what is it like to grow up as a doll? Well for me it goes like this….

I have had my ups and downs. When I first came into this family, I didn’t belong to Tg, I belonged to her older sister! And oh, the fun I had with her! She took very good care of me, and I had a special place up on a shelf in her bedroom, but a doll needs more love than that. And anyways, after a while, she grew out of dolls. And I was never held. until one day my owner left me sitting on Tg’s bed, Tg came in wide eyed, because she was never allowed to hold me, let alone have me on her bed! She was a bit confused, but soon she played with me, and I wasn’t alone anymore, I had a sister… Samantha! As years passed Tg thought that she shouldn’t play with dolls anymore, so under the bed we went, we were only played with occasionally, then in November of 2012, Tg discovered a whole world of AG, where dolls lived…online! She was dreaming of a new doll, and soon she “adopted” Felicity! And she promised to NEVER put us under her bed again! 🙂

Now my life is pretty great, I am kind of famous! I take photo’s for the blog, I take Ballet, I write, and once again I live! 🙂


Having these girls by my side everyday, is great! 🙂 Although, Sammy gets hipper, and Lissie is sometimes boring, I still love them! And I can’t wait to share my adventures that I have with them with ALL OF YOU!!! 🙂

My life has been fun, and “Krazy”! 🙂 And I want to share my “Krazziness” with all of you! I can’t wait, Sorry this post might not be what you were anticipating, next week I will try to have something a little more fun, again, comment down below what you want me: KIRSTEN to do on Thursdays!  Seriously..anything you want me to do!

I will talk to you later, Mom said I even get to reply to the comments on this post! Yeah!!!! 😀