CDD-Our First Day! :)

Hey it’s Kirsten here, we thought we would share pictures of our first day at camp. We are having so much fun, and we are meeting so many cool girls her at CDD! 🙂 Well here are some pictures from day one at Camp Doll Diaries! 🙂




We went into the main lodge, where registration was, really cool signs to show you where to go! 🙂


Carly, our first friend at camp! She is so nice! 🙂 She also checked us into our cabin.102_2900 102_2902

Felicity registering! 🙂 102_2906Felicity and Carly! 🙂
102_2910 102_2912

Samantha and Me Registering! 🙂102_2916 102_2919

Carly took a picture of us together at the CDD entrance! (The banners were really low) 102_2923 102_2926

Our cabin BEFORE we were unpacked! What a mess!  102_2927Sammy is always the first to unpack, I had to take a photo of Felicity actually working! hahaha! 🙂
102_2929 102_2933
And….we are finally unpacked! 🙂 That was basically our first day here at camp, because we didn’t do much because of traveling into camp. We unpacked ate, and did our first camp activity: The Flag lowering and campfire! 🙂

we will try to post more later! 🙂

Bye for now!



CDD-Our Cabin! :)

Hello, Sammy here, and We (My sisters and myself) wanted to show you pictures of our cabin, (Before we moved all of our stuff in!)
I don’t have much time to write, so tomorrow or Friday we will post pictures from our first day at camp, witch was Yesterday! 🙂 My sisters and I are roomies for the summer, and if any more girls show up during the summer we might get an extra…that would be fun! 🙂
Well…here are the pictures of our CABIN SUNSHINE! 🙂


This is an over view of our cabin….kinda small, but fun and cozy! 🙂

102_2893102_2893 This is Kirsten’s and Felicity’s space, after we registered our counselor ran to our cabin and put up our name banners so we                                                                                              knew where to go! how awesome is that!?




This is my space…right under the rules…Kirsten said: “It’s to make sure you follow them sammy!” haha very funny!



Cute little table with a lamp.  102_2895Rules and Schedule that MUST be followed! haha! 🙂


So yah, this is our cabin! ❤ can’t wait to have adventures here this summer at CDD! 🙂