Meet the Girls

This page is where you can learn fun facts about us girls, and our story.


Name: Felicity Marie
Age: 12 Birthday: April 21st (historically 1765)
Nickname(s): Lissie, Liccy. (they sound about the same! 😉 )
About me:
I like doing a lot of after school activities,(mostly sports!) I love Cheer, I take gymnastics along with my sister. I love dancing, but  I don’t take lessons, I also sometimes do reenacting. I love to hang out with my sisters who are my Best Friends!! 🙂 My favorite colors are Pink, and Green! My Favorite movie is Tangled and my new fav. Is Frozen!!!!! 🙂 Random Fact: I am the oldest, but only by a few months! 🙂



Name: Kirsten McKenzie
Age:11 Birthday: June 8th, (historically 1845)
Nickname(s): Kirsty, Ki.
About Me:
I am a figure skater, I also LOVE ballet, and hip hop! I am a big fashionista! haha! I love reading and writing, I also love hanging out with my sisters, being the kid in the middle I am always supporting and giving to them, and I think that that has really formed me into the girl I am! But they have also been there for me, too! and that makes me feel great! My fav. movie is The Inheritance! and my fav. color is Red! :)Random Fact: I wasn’t planing on taking figure skating, my dance teacher suggested it to me, and now i LOVE it!

Name: Samantha Quinn
Age:11 Birthday: May 26th (historically 1895)
Nickname(s): Sammy, Sam, SeQuinn(haha). 🙂
About Me:
I play soccer, I am a competitive Cheerleader, and I love dancing! I always love it when my sisters are proud of me! It makes me work 10 times harder, just so I get there approval! I am the crazy one, and I can sometimes be “tom-boyish” but I can also be a total Girly-girl! My favorite movie is The Parent Trap, and favorite color is Turquoise! Random Fact: I love everything Hawaii related…including Kanani!!

Also please note, I pretend they go to a school I made up: Walden Academy…  I got the name from The Parent Trap, because they go to Camp Walden for Girls in the movie, and it’s my favorite movie, so that’s why I made it Walden Academy for Girls! 🙂 


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