Caption this Doll Photo!


Last week we had 2 captions:

From saige4crafts
Sammy: hey, do you think I am ready for the cheer squad ? karate chop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lissie: they don’t do that in cheer. They do this : Go team go! Go T-E-A-M !
Sammy: So they don’t do this? (starts kicking)
Lissie: Careful ! Don’t hurt me! By the way , were are your Pompoms ?
Sammy : I don’t need pompoms . But were is your white belt?
Lissie : Here we go again. Sammy, did you mean to sign up for karate ?
Sammy : Ops.

From Abigail {The Dazzling Dollies ♥}:

Sammy: Hey, Lissie, are you ready for cheer practice?
Felicity: Huh, what are you talking about?
Sammy: You know, cheer practice, where you practice cheerleading.
Felicity: Sammy, I know what it is, but we don’t have any practice today, it’s Monday, we have practice on Tuesday.
Sammy: Um, Felicity, today is Tuesday.
Felicity: Uh no! I completely forgot! Its already 5:00, we have to get there in 10 minuets! We’re gonna be late!

(Winner will be posted next Saturday!)

Now…it’s time….to caption THIS doll photo!!! ready?


I absolutely love this photo! haha!  caption away!



You’re An American Girl Fan If….


You find yourself spending way to much time watching AGSMs on AGtube. (and you know what those abbreviations mean!)


“I have to clean my Room” really translates to “I have to pick up, and re-organize all of my AG clothes!”


You are constantly on the look out for Doll sized items…and I mean constantly! 🙂


You probably have a collection of way too many American Girl doll catalogs, and you are proud of the fact that you have the ‘January’ issues of when the GOTY’s came out! 😉


You freak out when someone gives you or you find original American Girl catalogs (or anything that is “old” AG! haha) . And you might be freaking out right now realizing that I have the AG catolog of when Kit was introduced! (Thanks to my sis!)  🙂


If you can crochet or sew, you typically use this talent for making AG clothes and accessories!! 🙂


Most of the books that you own are American Girl doll books.


You have played almost every single game on the AG website! 


You have memorized every GOTY and their years, and You know every single HC charterer. 


You cry every time they retire an AG doll! 😦



And lastly, you typically don’t have money to spend because it’s in your American Girl doll savings, because you are always trying to save up for “one more doll” 🙂 Or it’s gone because you just blew it at the AG place, or you just made a big AG order.

And a bonus…. You know what:

GOTY, HC, MAG, AG, AGSM, AGPS,AGtube,(etc).. mean. And you use this “Language” with your family members and they look at you like “Huh!?”

Yeah…you’re an American Girl fan..or maybe an American Girl Geek! 🙂


Exciting (non, but semi doll related) News for Me! :)

Okay, So I am not sure if I have posted anything about this on here, yet. But I am now! I am going on Vacation to the beach in May (I am not going to say which week or which beach until after I am back for safety reasons! 😉 ) But that isn’t the only exciting part, my Best Friend get s to come too! I am so excited, I don’t get to see her much because she lives in a different state, and the trip is about 3+ hours! I only get to see her 1-3 times a year, we were thinking we weren’t going to get to see each other until August, but when my family booked our beach house, the room I am going to stay in has two sets of bunk beds, so I asked my mom if my BFF could come, she talked to all my family that is coming, and they all thought it would be great if she could come! So my mom called my BFF’s mom and asked her if she could come. I waited for almost three weeks to see if the answer was YES! And It Was!!! and I even talked to my BFF in between and I wasn’t allowed to say a word about it! 🙂 Now we are counting down the days until we can see each other! And the BEST part, my brothers are riding down with their friend, so it is just my Bff, me, and my parents that are driving to the beach, won’t that be nice? Sorry I rambled, I am just SO excited!!!!! 😀

Oh, and my BFF got Samantha for Christmas, and she doesn’t have any clothes for her, (besides the meet dress!) so I am making her some clothes as a surprise, so far I have made her a skirt, and a swimsuit, I also made a swimsuit for my doll that I am taking (Which will be Felicity!) :


Do you like them? I used the Liberty Jane Pattern, although I changed it a little bit, because I didn’t have fold over elastic, and I hand sewed it all, I prefer hand sewing for small projects! 🙂

Can you tell I am excited, I have to try to get all of my school work done before vacation. and my BFF won’t be allowed to come unless she finishes by the end of April. Please pray that we can do it! 🙂 Thanks Gals!

Have a great day, I have to go clean up my AG stuff, and clean up my room! 😦


Saturday means: Caption This Doll Pic!

This is actual a segment from And I don’t mean to steal Ideas, but this one is SO fun! 

So are you ready to CAPTION THIS DOLL PICTURE?

100_2501  How does, Caption This Doll Picture work? Comment down below what you think the girls are saying, on Monday I will pick my top 3 favorites, and you all vote for your favorite. And that’s how caption the doll picture works! So caption away!!!!!

For an example go here:

The American Girl Story-Finale!

Dear Diary, so where have I been? the question is where haven’t I been? Let’s see…where did I leave off? Oh yes!


I walked into the school, it was so full of new students coming in! I spotted the teacher I was supposed to meet, I had to wait in a really long line, she must have a lot of students!


“Hi Miss. Hapton” I said when I got to her desk.

“Hmmm…” is all she said, “Do you have your papers?”


“Yes, right here!” I said as I pulled them out of my bag.


“Oh! You are going to be MY student..” she said, a little disappointed.


“Alright, here is your school pass…and I have to assign you a tryout time.” and little bit more quietly she added, “your certainly NOT advanced!”


So I got my pass.


She ALMOST grabbed the advanced paper, but then she only grabbed, THE BEGINNER ONE! okay, okay, I can live with that!



“BE there tomorrow, or don’t bother ever coming back to this school. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am”


I was playing on my computer waiting for McKenzie to arrive. Because Aunt Clara had to go, and Kenzie was supposed to pick me up.


“Hey, are you ready to go, let’s hurry before ANYBODY recognizes ME!”

“Yeah, sure!”


We were standing there, about ready to walk out the doors when Miss. Hapton walked over to us!


“Kenzie, Kenzie,KENZIE! I see your talents have taken you places,and you give NO credit to me!”

“That’s because it’s called natural talent, and teachers can’t give it to you!”

“Ouch! Why are you here with her”

Oh great, I have a teacher who doesn’t even know my name!

“This is my cousin!” McKenzie said.

“Oh. This should be fun!” she said


And she walked away, saying something to herself!


“Come on Marie, let’s go!” she said.


I thought everything would go okay, but I didn’t realize I left behind the one thing that mattered most, my ticket to success!



The next day I was at my computer, it was about 4pm, Quinn was at a photo shoot, or something. Mckenzie was home, but was on the phone with managers, etc!


“Good morning Marie! why didn’t you just pick up actual cups of coffee!?”

“Because if you make it, it tastes better. Besides what the point of having a Keurig if you don’t use it!?” I said.


“ugh, Hey, did you go to school today!?”



“I forgot!!!!”


“I don’t even have my papers! I was so busy today helping Quinn get ready, and I went shopping with your mom. How could I forget the MOST important thing, the reason that I am here!?”

“It’s okay Marie, We’ll just head over to the school I am sure that-“

“No, she said that I had to be there, or never come back!”



“I should of remembered!”


“Miss. Hapton! Please I know what you said, but please, can I take the test again?” I pleaded after a long time of begging her!


“I’m sorry, but it IS school rules, And rules are not to be broken!” was all she said, but I think she was secretly pleased.


“come on Marie, there is no point in being here! Quinn just texted me she’s home, so let’s go talk to her!”


“MARIE!” Quinn said when she saw me, “Kenzie told me EVERYTHING! I am so sorry!”

“Wait, when did you tell her?” I asked McKenzie.

“I sent her a text on our way over here.” 

“you sent  a text WHILE driving me?”

“Yeah, so”

“I never saw your phone!”


“That’s besides the point.” McKenzie said, “Quinn and I want you to come with us, we have a movie coming up, and there is a part in it that’ll be perfect for you!”

“And, I have heard your singing so you can sing a few duets with me on my next album!”

“Are you sure!”

“Yeah, as soon as we heard about what happened, we talked about it!”

“When did you talk, oh, you texted each other! Why do I never see your phones!?”

We all laughed, “I have to call my mom!” I said

“Don’t bother we already did, well we just sent her a text, she said she’ll call you tonight!”

“AGAIN, I never see your phones! OMGosh!”


So where am I now? at the premiere of OUR movie!Image

“At last the Parson sisters are back!” the interviewer said, “And where is your darling cousin?”

“Oh she’ll be here, it is her first red carpet event, and she wanted EVERYTHING to be perfect!” Quinn said.

“Now, it is my understanding that you 2 haven’t seen her in 2 and a half months!?” The interviewer asked.

“Yes, we have all been so busy, I mean as soon as shooting for the movie was over she went home. And we had some down time. And tonight we are so excited to see her!” Mckenzie said.


“AND HERE SHE IS!” The interviewer said! “looking as lovely as ever! now I have a question for the three of you. has making this movie made you closer?”


“YES definitely!” we all said!


Do you like my dress and hair? 

I have to go, but, please know that I am very happy now. Sometimes life doesn’t work out as you think. and sometimes it isn’t as much work. If you have your family and friends around you anything can be possible!

Love, Marie


So that is the end of our story! what did you think? did you like it?


and the amazing actresses: Kirsten, Sammy, and Felicity!♥

Guess what I just bought!!!

American Girl was having a sale, today some things were 50% off. Including the Casual Chic Outfit!  So you probably have guessed what I got, that’s right I got the casual chic outfit, I have wanted it since it came out, and I think they are retiring it and that is why it was on sale! But I am so happy I got to order it, is will arrive in 5-8 days. I’ll post pictures when I do get it! I’ll keep you updated, I am SO excited! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Saint Patrick’s Day Party!

On Monday Felicity, Samantha and Kirsten wanted to have a party! But a friend of theirs from school was also having a party, so they weren’t sure if anybody would come! But they decorated anyway! 😀




“Kirsten, I found the green napkins you wanted. But I can’t find Lissie, do you know where she went!?”

“Oh thanks you Sammy, you can put them on the table. And No, I don’t!” Kirsten replied


“Wow, Kirsty! EVERYTHING looks GREAT!” Sammy said.

“Yeah, I just hope people will come, Jenny was throwing a party today too!” 😦 


“Hey girls, I have to take Zuzu out for a walk, I’ll hurry back. Text me if anybody arrives!” Felicity said as she came in, “And everything looks great!”


“Well I guess we’ll wait!” Sammy said, sighing.

“Yep! Hey, has Felicity forgiven you for getting her spot on the Cheer-Squad?”

“NO! She still doesn’t talk to me, that’s the most she has acknowledged me this whole week!!”

“That’s sad, we were so close! I mean it’s not your fault, the coaches picked you, she was cheer captain last year, I think we are all shocked that she didn’t make it, but she could always get onto the summer squad!”  Kirsten said, trying to cheer Sammy up, but it didn’t really work. They sat there for what seemed like forever, and then they heard a strange sound. “Sammy, do you hear that?!” 

“Yeah, it sounds like…like Lissie!??” Sammy said shocked!


“NOOOO, ZUZU!!!! COME BAAAAACCKKK!!! Ouch!” Felicity was yelling!



“Ugh, that wasn’t fun!”


“LISSIE! Are you okay!?” Kirsten and Sammy said together.

“Yeah, where’s Zuzu?”

They all turned around, and saw Zuzu, well, they saw THIS:




“OUR PARTY!” Kirsten cried!


“Zuzu, you bad lil’ dog! Sorry girls, I’ll go take her to the other room!” Felicity said as she picked up the leash and took Zuzu away.



When Lissie got back Kirsten was gone, and only Sammy was sitting there. “Sammy, where is Kirsty?” 

“She went to her room, I think she is crying!”

“Oh, Sammy. I know I was mad at you. But you couldn’t help the coaches decision, Do you think you could forgive me!?” Felicity asked.

“Of coarse!!! I have been wanting to talk to you, but I didn’t know how. Besides, I love you too much to hate you forever!” Sammy said.


they hugged, then Lissie said, “DO you think we could clean up, and make this place look like, well a party!?”

“I think we could!” Sammy replied!


Sammy ran to the kitchen to get new food, Celery, cookies, and Kale chips. while Felicity reset the table, and made sure all the decorations were  okay.


kirsten came out and saw them sitting together, and saw that the room looked ready for a party.

“You gals made up? and cleaned up?!” Kirsten said, shocked!

“Are you surprised that we made up, or that we cleaned!?” Sammy asked.

“Both!” Kirsten answered



She ran over and gave them both a big hug.

“Shall we have a party!?”



They tried throwing confetti, but it ended up in a big pile!

Soon the door bell ran, and all their friends showed up! They said it was the best party ever! 🙂


HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! We were “Lucky” (blessed) that everything turned out great, the girls made up, and teamed up. Felicity said that she rather be a team with her sisters, then be against them! 

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

-Tg, Felicity, Kirsten, and Sammy! ♥