Caption This Doll Photo! :)

Sorry I haven’t posted the winner, and a new photo! But the winner is…… Saige4Crafts!


From saige4crafts
Sammy: hey, do you think I am ready for the cheer squad ? karate chop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lissie: they don’t do that in cheer. They do this : Go team go! Go T-E-A-M !
Sammy: So they don’t do this? (starts kicking)
Lissie: Careful ! Don’t hurt me! By the way , were are your Pompoms ?
Sammy : I don’t need pompoms . But were is your white belt?
Lissie : Here we go again. Sammy, did you mean to sign up for karate ?
Sammy : Ops.

I know it’s NOT Saturday, but we are going to change the schedule a bit, so are you ready to CAPTION THIS DOLL PHOTO?! (it’s from Felicity’s Birthday Party!)



Whats coming up in April?

Hey! I have some really exciting news! I have tons of new ideas, I will be trying them out coming in April, and if you girls like it then I will keep them! 


Okay so what is coming?

Saturdays: Caption The Doll Picture! On Saturdays I will post a picture for you all to caption!

Sundays:  Totally Sammy! So on Sundays, Samantha will have a segment called: Totally Sammy! Where she will write about her week, funny things, photos, anything that runs through that dolly’s mind! (Oh gee, what are we in for!?!)

Mondays: Vote for you favorite Caption That doll Pic. Caption! and Monday Challenge! What is Monday Challenge? Well, I will post a category, or a funny caption, and you all have to send in pictures of your dolls acting out that category! And on Saturdays the winning Photo will be posted! 🙂

Tuesdays: I don’t have any ideas for Tuesdays…YET! 😀

Wednesdays: Caption That Doll Pic. Winner Announcement!

Thursdays: Kirsten’s Krazy Thursday! same kind of thing as Totally Sammy. Just by Kirsten! 🙂

Fridays: Felicity’s Fridays! Same thing as Totally Sammy, and Kirsten’s Krazy Thursday, just by Felicity! 🙂

So this is an example of what is coming up in April! since it is “An American Girl Life” I wanted to have more post by my dolls about their life as an American Girl Doll! Along with all of these new things coming, I will still be doing Photo stories, and Photo Shoots, and other fun posts like I have been doing! 🙂 Are you excited? I know I am! 😀

Well, have a great day!

♥Tg, and the Gals!♥

Photostory Update!

Hey Gals, Felicity here, and I just wanted to write to let you all know that we are all working really hard to make “The American Girl Story”, photostory series (boy! try saying that 10 times fast!!) as great as we possibly can, and we are getting our acting on! Please stay tuned, I think we will post the next “episode” tonight! IDK! 🙂 So keep your eyes open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

(Tg here- sorry Felicity just had some juice, and so she is really hipper! that explains all the explanation points! Try getting her to sit still for pictures! Geee…oh gee!) 🙂 

-Felicity, and Tg ♥