You’re An American Girl Fan If….


You find yourself spending way to much time watching AGSMs on AGtube. (and you know what those abbreviations mean!)


“I have to clean my Room” really translates to “I have to pick up, and re-organize all of my AG clothes!”


You are constantly on the look out for Doll sized items…and I mean constantly! 🙂


You probably have a collection of way too many American Girl doll catalogs, and you are proud of the fact that you have the ‘January’ issues of when the GOTY’s came out! 😉


You freak out when someone gives you or you find original American Girl catalogs (or anything that is “old” AG! haha) . And you might be freaking out right now realizing that I have the AG catolog of when Kit was introduced! (Thanks to my sis!)  🙂


If you can crochet or sew, you typically use this talent for making AG clothes and accessories!! 🙂


Most of the books that you own are American Girl doll books.


You have played almost every single game on the AG website! 


You have memorized every GOTY and their years, and You know every single HC charterer. 


You cry every time they retire an AG doll! 😦



And lastly, you typically don’t have money to spend because it’s in your American Girl doll savings, because you are always trying to save up for “one more doll” 🙂 Or it’s gone because you just blew it at the AG place, or you just made a big AG order.

And a bonus…. You know what:

GOTY, HC, MAG, AG, AGSM, AGPS,AGtube,(etc).. mean. And you use this “Language” with your family members and they look at you like “Huh!?”

Yeah…you’re an American Girl fan..or maybe an American Girl Geek! 🙂



American Girls Forever!

I have some really exciting news gals!

I have been talking to my friend Marcia, and we have started an online club for girls only, 13 and up!

We are the girls that are in the “and up” part, and we all feel funny sometimes that we still love dolls. Well this is a place for all of us to come together, and realize that we’re not the only ones who love AG, there are TONS of other Girls, Just Like you and me!

Whats the club called? American Girls Forever Club!

The club was just started, so new updates will come eventually, and some things will probably change. But sign up TODAY!!

And tell your friends about it too, we need your help to get girls to join! Start telling people about it, it’s okay to love AG, and the world needs to know it!



The American Girl Story: A Photostory Series!

Introduction: This is a story about 3 Girls, of different interests and of different class. They try to figure out a family secret, and they all become best friends along the way. Join Marie (Played by Felicity) Quinn (Played by Sammy) and McKenzie (Played by Kirsten). As they face the everyday ups and downs, and the not so ordinary days, that form The American Girl Story! ♥


Marie Merriam —- Felicity Merriman

Quinn Parson —- Samantha Parkington

McKenzie Parson — Kirsten Larson

Marie’s Mom: Played by Kirsten

Quinn and McKenzie’s Mom: You won’t see her, but she does have lines! 🙂

Extras: are played by various other dolls as needed, if I have a charterer added I will say so!

The American Girl Story

Coming soon…

Hey Girls!

Tg here, and I just wanted let you know some things coming up for my blog!

I won’t post till probably Monday, Because…I am working on A mini photostory AND a photostory Series! So I have to do lots of photo editing, and I might only post a little while I am off school the week of Thanksgiving! I might post between now and Monday, but i don’t know for sure!

Keep a look out!! I might do a sneak peek or something! 🙂

And also, Feel free to email me, I will be more than happy to write back. Also I love having E-Pals (pen-pals over email), of coarse any E-pals, we will probably just stick to AG subjects, if you want to be Epals, just say so in you r letter! 🙂  Feel free to write, you can find my Email in the ‘Contact us’ tab! Copy and paste the email to yours! 🙂

Have a great weekend!