The American Girl Story: Episode One

Dear Diary,

Since this is my first time writing in you, I feel like I should introduce myself. My name is Marie Merriam, I am 15 years old.My mom is a doctor. I live in Utah. And something incredible has happened to me! So awhile back I tried out for the Seattle Art Institute, and I have been waiting for what seems like forever to get a letter that let’s me know if I got in! What’s my talent?? I want to be an actress! I take acting lessons at my community theater. so what was so incredible that happened to me? Well, I have to tell it from the beginning, which starts last Friday, and it was valentines day!



I Got home from my acting class at 7 pm. As usual. I noticed a note on the door it said:


Since it was Friday night, I knew I could stay up for her. I went to my room to check on my dog, Coco.



And we decided to go to the living room and watch TV, the only thing that was on was an award show celebrating Dollywoods most  rememberable dolls of the year!  I thought it would be fun, since I am a BIG fan of Parson Sisters!! And they were one of the featured celebrities, because they both won awards! Quinn, won an award for best Musical Roll Model! And McKenzie got an Award for Best Actress! They are both so incredible, why am I talking so much about them? Well, you’ll see! I just have to show you some photos from the award show!


This is Quinn. She is a very amazing singer! I have all her albums!

And here are some pics of her incredible dress! I wish I could wear it!! 🙂


And This is her sister, McKenzie…


And this is them together,


Oh my gosh! I would LOVE to have Quinn’s hair! 🙂 

Theinterveiwer asked them what they would be up to next, and they said that they are going home, and spending time with their family! “I wish I was their family” I thought!

So I was watching the awards show, and it just ended,my mom came in. And before she hugged me she handed me a red envelope addressed to me!! 


“hun, this arrived for you earlier today! I couldn’t wait to give it to you!” Mom said.


I WAS EXCEPTED!!!!!! but they spelled my name wrong! 😦


I gave mom a big hug, we were both screaming, and laughing, and crying! It didn’t dawn on me, till now, that I would have to leave her.


“Mom, I am going to have to leave.” I said, with tears in my eyes.

“Yes, but you will be back for holidays, and I will most certainly visit you!!” she said cheerfully! “Besides, this is the start of your dreams coming true. and we aren’t going to let it bring us down!” she added.

“But where will I stay? it said in the letter that all the dorms are filled.” I asked her.

“Don’t worry, I have that figured out too. I have never met her, but I have a sister who lives in Seattle. And she said that she would be more than happy to have you stay with their family.”

“What!? Really? But I didn’t even know you had a sister.” I said

“Well things weren’t good between us. Till now. She is starting to write me more. But there is something you need to know.”

“What?” I asked, almost not wanting to know, it was the way my mom said it that frightened me.

“They have two daughters, their names are, Quinn and McKenzie. Or as you know them, the Parson Sisters!”

I couldn’t believe, did my mom just tell me that the Parson sisters, are my cousins!?!?!?! I had so many emotions running through my mind!!! 

“Mom! I have to go shopping, get some really cute clothes. i have to be fashionable for them!” I siad.

“Honey, you leave in two days. We will have to go shopping tomorrow. And pack Tomorrow. That’s a lot to do!”

“I know, but I am going to one of the biggest art schools in the country, and staying with some of the biggest stars in the world! I have to look my best!”

“Alright,we’ll go shopping!”


“ugh, so much to pack!” I said.


I plopped down on my bed, and my mom came in and gave me a present.



*gasp* “A cell phone??”

“Well, the scool will be providing you with a laptop, but I thought you should have your own cell phone so you can call me anytime!” she said.

Then she finished helping me pack, I knew that I was leaving the next morning, so I enjoyed every moment i was spending with my mom.

I have to go, But I will write soon. and finish the story, and then update you with my latest news!

Till next time!