The American Girl Story: A Photostory Series!

Introduction: This is a story about 3 Girls, of different interests and of different class. They try to figure out a family secret, and they all become best friends along the way. Join Marie (Played by Felicity) Quinn (Played by Sammy) and McKenzie (Played by Kirsten). As they face the everyday ups and downs, and the not so ordinary days, that form The American Girl Story! ♥


Marie Merriam —- Felicity Merriman

Quinn Parson —- Samantha Parkington

McKenzie Parson — Kirsten Larson

Marie’s Mom: Played by Kirsten

Quinn and McKenzie’s Mom: You won’t see her, but she does have lines! 🙂

Extras: are played by various other dolls as needed, if I have a charterer added I will say so!

The American Girl Story


Dolly E-Pals!

My dolls are getting awfully bored with winter dragiing on. So one day I suggested to them that they have pen pals, but i don’t want to give out our address, so we will just do it over email.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Email me at:
  • make the subject: AMERICAN GIRL PEN PALS
  • Say your first name, or Nick name.
  • Your dolls names (it can be one or all)
  • Your dolls ages and grades
  • Your dolls favorite activities and hobbies
  • and some random fact about you or your doll

Once you send me this, I will do the same, and send you the official Pen Pal rules!

You must write me this “form” before February 28th! 🙂 So let’s get writing!

♥Tg, and the Girls!♥