Casual Chic Outfit Review!

So yesterday when I got home from music lessons, I was so happy and surprised to see that my AG package had arrived! I wasn’t expecting it to come until Wednesday-Friday! Instead of telling my mom about my lessons, I went straight to opening my package! It is my FIRST item i have ever bought straight from AG! Most I have gotten off of Ebay, Etsy, or a friend has an old outfit she has given me. I am thrilled with my purchase. So lets get on to the REVIEW! 😀



So it comes with the BRAVE charm, it is really cute. And I hope to get a MY AG doll someday (soon) and then I can use her necklace! 🙂


The shoes are SO cute! But like every AG outfit, they are very difficult to get on! But they are really sturdy, and they would be really great for traveling in, because they won’t come off easily, like other shoes. i wasn’t sure about them, when I saw them online, but as soon as I pulled them out  of the box, I was in love! They are now my favorite shoes!


The pants are super cute! They are made from corduroy, and are pretty soft! 🙂 Where it Velcros it looks like  how real pants close! The back of them have elastic, so they are really easy to get on, and they look great on Felicity, and i think they would go well on any doll!


So the main part, and possibly the reason every girl wants this outfit! It is SO cute! The detail AG has put into it is incredible! So it doesn’t have any velcro on the back, like I thought. It slips over the head. The three little buttons on the front, REALLY WORK! Although I won’t be using them often, just because I don’t want to wear them out! 🙂 

Polka dot sleeves!

Also, I thought that the polka dots were screened on, but they are knitted in! That is so awesome! Great job American Girl! 🙂back

Here is the back, nothing too special. Except the hood, and it fits the dolls head really well!

La Hat!

And also, the HAT!! And let me say Oh My goodness, you haven’t experienced American Girl doll cuteness unless you have seen this hat! It is really well made, very high quality! 

La hat #2

It fits my dolls really well, and it will go with a lot of other outfits. Again I wasn’t 100% sure how I would like the hat, but it’s one of my favorite parts. The little buttons on the sides just make it perfect! The material is really sturdy, and I feel life it’ll last a long time.




It was really funny, as soon as I pulled the My AG box out of the shipping box, my mom was like “Wow!” and then when I opened it and lifted the tissue paper my mom told my dad “Well, you get what you pay for!” and you REALLY do! I HIGHLY recommend this outfit, it is on sale NOW for a limited time while supplies last, for 50% off! ($17 plus shipping) If you are thinking about getting it, GET IT! It is the cutest outfit I have seen from AG in a while. You won’t be sorry that you bought it. I give it a 10 out of 10, and it is well deserved! It is really good quality, and you and your doll will be happy if you get it! Hurry, IDK how much longer it’ll be around!! I Love this outfit SO much!! 🙂

I hope you liked my review, when ever I make another AG purchase I can do another, if you all want? I hope this review helped! 🙂

Have a great day!