Felicity’s 12th Birthday!

Hey Gals, Felicity here! Some of you may know my Birthday was yesterday (the 21st) and when I got back from Cheer leading with with Samantha…they had a party set up! ahhhh! Mom took some photos, and she was there while they set up, so she will take over the post from here! 🙂

102_2668The Room Set up! 🙂

“Sammy! You’re home! Where is Felicity?” Kirsten Asked

“In the Kitchen, where else?!” Sammy replied.

Sammy went over and sat down. “NO! Don’t sit there Sammy!” Kirsten told her, “That chair is for the Birthday girl!”
“SHHH!!! SHE”S COMING KIRSTEN!!!” Sammy “whispered”, as they ran across the room to stand near the present table!


SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They both yelled when she walked in the room! She was so surprised, she had no idea we were throwing her a little party! 🙂

Look at all those presents! 🙂

102_2676“Here Felicity, sit here!” Kirsten said as she guided her to the special “Birthday Girl Chair”.


“Here, read my card and open my present first!” Sammy said as she handed her her card.


After she read the card, she opened the present. Inside was a pretty bracelet!

“OH! It’s so pretty! Thank you Sammy!”
“You’re Welcome! I made it just for YOU!” Sammy replied.


Then Felicity hugged Sammy! ♥


Then she read Kirsten’s card!

102_2684Then she read Kirsten’s card, and opened her present!


Ooooo….lip gloss and nail polish! (don’t worry, I am not going to actually put it on my doll! 😉 )102_2687102_2689

Then she opened my Present….and found out her special announcement! You all voted and I am taking Felicity to the Beach with me in May! Thought I would tell her on her Birthday! Surprise! 😀102_2690102_2691

“WE”RE GOING TO THE BEACH!!! OH MY GOSH, I HAVE NEVER BEEN!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!” She squealed as she gave me a big hug! ♥


Then she opened my present and found a swimsuit to take to the beach! She LOVES it, and can’t wait to go and wear it! 🙂102_2693102_2694

Then the last Present was a sleeping bag to take to the beach, and for camp later this summer! 🙂102_2695102_2696

Kirsten really liked it too! And pretended to be “asleep” haha! 🙂102_2697

then here is a photo of them talking, and having fun! 🙂102_2702

Then I got a few photos of them together!  I love my Girls so much! ♥


Happy Birthday to my oldest “girl” Felicity! Although Kirsten isn’t too far behind! Enjoy being 12 Lissie–Girl! ♥

How do your dolls celebrate their birthdays? And are your dolls your “daughters”, because I pretend that mine are my adopted girls! 🙂


You’re An American Girl Fan If….


You find yourself spending way to much time watching AGSMs on AGtube. (and you know what those abbreviations mean!)


“I have to clean my Room” really translates to “I have to pick up, and re-organize all of my AG clothes!”


You are constantly on the look out for Doll sized items…and I mean constantly! 🙂


You probably have a collection of way too many American Girl doll catalogs, and you are proud of the fact that you have the ‘January’ issues of when the GOTY’s came out! 😉


You freak out when someone gives you or you find original American Girl catalogs (or anything that is “old” AG! haha) . And you might be freaking out right now realizing that I have the AG catolog of when Kit was introduced! (Thanks to my sis!)  🙂


If you can crochet or sew, you typically use this talent for making AG clothes and accessories!! 🙂


Most of the books that you own are American Girl doll books.


You have played almost every single game on the AG website! 


You have memorized every GOTY and their years, and You know every single HC charterer. 


You cry every time they retire an AG doll! 😦



And lastly, you typically don’t have money to spend because it’s in your American Girl doll savings, because you are always trying to save up for “one more doll” 🙂 Or it’s gone because you just blew it at the AG place, or you just made a big AG order.

And a bonus…. You know what:

GOTY, HC, MAG, AG, AGSM, AGPS,AGtube,(etc).. mean. And you use this “Language” with your family members and they look at you like “Huh!?”

Yeah…you’re an American Girl fan..or maybe an American Girl Geek! 🙂


The American Girl Story-Finale!

Dear Diary, so where have I been? the question is where haven’t I been? Let’s see…where did I leave off? Oh yes!


I walked into the school, it was so full of new students coming in! I spotted the teacher I was supposed to meet, I had to wait in a really long line, she must have a lot of students!


“Hi Miss. Hapton” I said when I got to her desk.

“Hmmm…” is all she said, “Do you have your papers?”


“Yes, right here!” I said as I pulled them out of my bag.


“Oh! You are going to be MY student..” she said, a little disappointed.


“Alright, here is your school pass…and I have to assign you a tryout time.” and little bit more quietly she added, “your certainly NOT advanced!”


So I got my pass.


She ALMOST grabbed the advanced paper, but then she only grabbed, THE BEGINNER ONE! okay, okay, I can live with that!



“BE there tomorrow, or don’t bother ever coming back to this school. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am”


I was playing on my computer waiting for McKenzie to arrive. Because Aunt Clara had to go, and Kenzie was supposed to pick me up.


“Hey, are you ready to go, let’s hurry before ANYBODY recognizes ME!”

“Yeah, sure!”


We were standing there, about ready to walk out the doors when Miss. Hapton walked over to us!


“Kenzie, Kenzie,KENZIE! I see your talents have taken you places,and you give NO credit to me!”

“That’s because it’s called natural talent, and teachers can’t give it to you!”

“Ouch! Why are you here with her”

Oh great, I have a teacher who doesn’t even know my name!

“This is my cousin!” McKenzie said.

“Oh. This should be fun!” she said


And she walked away, saying something to herself!


“Come on Marie, let’s go!” she said.


I thought everything would go okay, but I didn’t realize I left behind the one thing that mattered most, my ticket to success!



The next day I was at my computer, it was about 4pm, Quinn was at a photo shoot, or something. Mckenzie was home, but was on the phone with managers, etc!


“Good morning Marie! why didn’t you just pick up actual cups of coffee!?”

“Because if you make it, it tastes better. Besides what the point of having a Keurig if you don’t use it!?” I said.


“ugh, Hey, did you go to school today!?”



“I forgot!!!!”


“I don’t even have my papers! I was so busy today helping Quinn get ready, and I went shopping with your mom. How could I forget the MOST important thing, the reason that I am here!?”

“It’s okay Marie, We’ll just head over to the school I am sure that-“

“No, she said that I had to be there, or never come back!”



“I should of remembered!”


“Miss. Hapton! Please I know what you said, but please, can I take the test again?” I pleaded after a long time of begging her!


“I’m sorry, but it IS school rules, And rules are not to be broken!” was all she said, but I think she was secretly pleased.


“come on Marie, there is no point in being here! Quinn just texted me she’s home, so let’s go talk to her!”


“MARIE!” Quinn said when she saw me, “Kenzie told me EVERYTHING! I am so sorry!”

“Wait, when did you tell her?” I asked McKenzie.

“I sent her a text on our way over here.” 

“you sent  a text WHILE driving me?”

“Yeah, so”

“I never saw your phone!”


“That’s besides the point.” McKenzie said, “Quinn and I want you to come with us, we have a movie coming up, and there is a part in it that’ll be perfect for you!”

“And, I have heard your singing so you can sing a few duets with me on my next album!”

“Are you sure!”

“Yeah, as soon as we heard about what happened, we talked about it!”

“When did you talk, oh, you texted each other! Why do I never see your phones!?”

We all laughed, “I have to call my mom!” I said

“Don’t bother we already did, well we just sent her a text, she said she’ll call you tonight!”

“AGAIN, I never see your phones! OMGosh!”


So where am I now? at the premiere of OUR movie!Image

“At last the Parson sisters are back!” the interviewer said, “And where is your darling cousin?”

“Oh she’ll be here, it is her first red carpet event, and she wanted EVERYTHING to be perfect!” Quinn said.

“Now, it is my understanding that you 2 haven’t seen her in 2 and a half months!?” The interviewer asked.

“Yes, we have all been so busy, I mean as soon as shooting for the movie was over she went home. And we had some down time. And tonight we are so excited to see her!” Mckenzie said.


“AND HERE SHE IS!” The interviewer said! “looking as lovely as ever! now I have a question for the three of you. has making this movie made you closer?”


“YES definitely!” we all said!


Do you like my dress and hair? 

I have to go, but, please know that I am very happy now. Sometimes life doesn’t work out as you think. and sometimes it isn’t as much work. If you have your family and friends around you anything can be possible!

Love, Marie


So that is the end of our story! what did you think? did you like it?


and the amazing actresses: Kirsten, Sammy, and Felicity!♥

The American Girl Story: Episode One

Dear Diary,

Since this is my first time writing in you, I feel like I should introduce myself. My name is Marie Merriam, I am 15 years old.My mom is a doctor. I live in Utah. And something incredible has happened to me! So awhile back I tried out for the Seattle Art Institute, and I have been waiting for what seems like forever to get a letter that let’s me know if I got in! What’s my talent?? I want to be an actress! I take acting lessons at my community theater. so what was so incredible that happened to me? Well, I have to tell it from the beginning, which starts last Friday, and it was valentines day!



I Got home from my acting class at 7 pm. As usual. I noticed a note on the door it said:


Since it was Friday night, I knew I could stay up for her. I went to my room to check on my dog, Coco.



And we decided to go to the living room and watch TV, the only thing that was on was an award show celebrating Dollywoods most  rememberable dolls of the year!  I thought it would be fun, since I am a BIG fan of Parson Sisters!! And they were one of the featured celebrities, because they both won awards! Quinn, won an award for best Musical Roll Model! And McKenzie got an Award for Best Actress! They are both so incredible, why am I talking so much about them? Well, you’ll see! I just have to show you some photos from the award show!


This is Quinn. She is a very amazing singer! I have all her albums!

And here are some pics of her incredible dress! I wish I could wear it!! 🙂


And This is her sister, McKenzie…


And this is them together,


Oh my gosh! I would LOVE to have Quinn’s hair! 🙂 

Theinterveiwer asked them what they would be up to next, and they said that they are going home, and spending time with their family! “I wish I was their family” I thought!

So I was watching the awards show, and it just ended,my mom came in. And before she hugged me she handed me a red envelope addressed to me!! 


“hun, this arrived for you earlier today! I couldn’t wait to give it to you!” Mom said.


I WAS EXCEPTED!!!!!! but they spelled my name wrong! 😦


I gave mom a big hug, we were both screaming, and laughing, and crying! It didn’t dawn on me, till now, that I would have to leave her.


“Mom, I am going to have to leave.” I said, with tears in my eyes.

“Yes, but you will be back for holidays, and I will most certainly visit you!!” she said cheerfully! “Besides, this is the start of your dreams coming true. and we aren’t going to let it bring us down!” she added.

“But where will I stay? it said in the letter that all the dorms are filled.” I asked her.

“Don’t worry, I have that figured out too. I have never met her, but I have a sister who lives in Seattle. And she said that she would be more than happy to have you stay with their family.”

“What!? Really? But I didn’t even know you had a sister.” I said

“Well things weren’t good between us. Till now. She is starting to write me more. But there is something you need to know.”

“What?” I asked, almost not wanting to know, it was the way my mom said it that frightened me.

“They have two daughters, their names are, Quinn and McKenzie. Or as you know them, the Parson Sisters!”

I couldn’t believe, did my mom just tell me that the Parson sisters, are my cousins!?!?!?! I had so many emotions running through my mind!!! 

“Mom! I have to go shopping, get some really cute clothes. i have to be fashionable for them!” I siad.

“Honey, you leave in two days. We will have to go shopping tomorrow. And pack Tomorrow. That’s a lot to do!”

“I know, but I am going to one of the biggest art schools in the country, and staying with some of the biggest stars in the world! I have to look my best!”

“Alright,we’ll go shopping!”


“ugh, so much to pack!” I said.


I plopped down on my bed, and my mom came in and gave me a present.



*gasp* “A cell phone??”

“Well, the scool will be providing you with a laptop, but I thought you should have your own cell phone so you can call me anytime!” she said.

Then she finished helping me pack, I knew that I was leaving the next morning, so I enjoyed every moment i was spending with my mom.

I have to go, But I will write soon. and finish the story, and then update you with my latest news!

Till next time!


The American Girl Story: A Photostory Series!

Introduction: This is a story about 3 Girls, of different interests and of different class. They try to figure out a family secret, and they all become best friends along the way. Join Marie (Played by Felicity) Quinn (Played by Sammy) and McKenzie (Played by Kirsten). As they face the everyday ups and downs, and the not so ordinary days, that form The American Girl Story! ♥


Marie Merriam —- Felicity Merriman

Quinn Parson —- Samantha Parkington

McKenzie Parson — Kirsten Larson

Marie’s Mom: Played by Kirsten

Quinn and McKenzie’s Mom: You won’t see her, but she does have lines! 🙂

Extras: are played by various other dolls as needed, if I have a charterer added I will say so!

The American Girl Story

Coming soon…

Hey Girls!

Tg here, and I just wanted let you know some things coming up for my blog!

I won’t post till probably Monday, Because…I am working on A mini photostory AND a photostory Series! So I have to do lots of photo editing, and I might only post a little while I am off school the week of Thanksgiving! I might post between now and Monday, but i don’t know for sure!

Keep a look out!! I might do a sneak peek or something! 🙂

And also, Feel free to email me, I will be more than happy to write back. Also I love having E-Pals (pen-pals over email), of coarse any E-pals, we will probably just stick to AG subjects, if you want to be Epals, just say so in you r letter! 🙂  Feel free to write, you can find my Email in the ‘Contact us’ tab! Copy and paste the email to yours! 🙂

Have a great weekend!