Q&A-Wednesday! :)

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but i thought I would do it now because I have free time! Like I said i am really busy leading up to Vacation, so I won’t be posting until I get back! 🙂 (Which will be a little over a week from now!)


Spring or Fall? Spring, I love how you go from the cold to warm weather, and everything is so green! (plus my birthday is in the spring!)
Caroline or Isabelle? Caroline!
Sneakers or flip-flops? Depends on the weather, right now, flip-flops! 🙂
Favorite store? Target, and hobby Lobby! 🙂
Our Generation, or Journey Girls? Our generation
Elsa or Anna (on Frozen)? Anna (I have friend named Anna, so I was kinda like ‘Oh yah, She’s the best!’ haha!)
What’s your Favorite month? May..seriously, the weather is usually PERFECT, rainy days, and sunny days, school is wrapping up, and my family usually goes on vacation in May! 😉 (Lower rates! ha!)
Marisol, Lindsey? Marisol 
Facebook, twitter? Facebook
 do you have any brothers or sisters? yes, one sister (and she is Married, so extra brother), and 4 brothers, and one is married (so extra sister!) 😉
if you could have a different name what would it be and why? Tough question, I love the name Diana, like from Anne of green gables! ❤ Love that name!
what do you want to be when your older? Hmm, last year I wanted to be an Historical Archaeologist..still kind of do. But definitely something with history, maybe write history books because that leads me to your next question
Do you write books? YES! I am actually working on one, it’s a love story…I started writing it when I was younger, I forgot about it then last year I started re-writing it, and a bunch of re-written stories later, i am finally going to finish writing it this summer and hopefully publish it! 🙂 but I might grow up to be a writer, and write history books, both fiction and non-fiction! 🙂 
Thanks for all the Awesome questions, ask me some more and I will answer them when I get back from vacation! 🙂 And my school is wrapping up so I am hoping to do more doll related post, not just these Q&As, sorry i haven’t posted my life is busy but in a few weeks i am hoping to post more! Yay!!! 😀 Have a great week, and I will “talk” to you all later! ❤ 🙂

Q&A Tuesday! :)

Wow, I’m actually getting to do Q&A on Tuesday!!! 😀

From Leah!
 when is your bday: June 7th! 🙂
if you could only buy ONE more ag thing, what would it be and why?Probably Rebecca, because I love her!  
summer, winter? Summer!
 candies, or chocolates? Chocolate! 
who do you like more, Chrissa GOTY 2009, or Lanie GOTY 2010, why? Lanie,because I love curly haired dolls! 
pop, rock, country? A little bit of it all, I seriously love all styles of music! 

From Christian Homeschooler!
What’s the blog that you visit the most? Hmm….AmericanGirlFan.com and LittlehouseofAmericanGirl.com

From Anne and Abigail!
What’s your favorite song? Beautiful Day-Jamie Grace
Favorite book? Hunger Games
How many AG places have you been to? none, I am hoping to go for my first time this summer! 🙂


Thanks for all the questions, keep them coming! I am having SO much fun answering them! And remember you can ask questions directed to my dolls too! 🙂 Have a great day!


Q&A Friday?

Sorry I haven’t posted, I have been busy with school! 😦 So here we go, with this weeks Q&A! 🙂

From Carli: Nominated me for the MagNeoBlog Award, again! So I am just going to answer the questions, since I had already nominated people before you can just answer her questions in the comments below, then we can get to know you,too! 🙂

1. AG catalog or AG magazine? Catalog, I have never read their magazines, but my BFF is bringing hers when she comes, then I will probably like those better! 🙂
2. What doll do you want next? Rebecca Rubin! ❤
3. Barbie, or Ever After High? Barbie
4. Would you rather go to a really flowery public park, and take pics of your dolls, or stay on your property? If I wasn’t shy about still loving AG then a park! 🙂
5. Caroline, or Isabelle? Caroline
6. Have you ever regretted getting something from AG? NEVER!
7. Do all your friends know that you have AG dolls? No,only one! And she is my BFF, I only trust her. And of course my online friends! 🙂
8. Favorite AGYouTuber? That’s tough, probably..Basilmentos, she is amazing!!
9. Converse or Uggs? Converse, definitely! 
10. Dogs or cats? Cats!
From Christian Homeschooler: 
What do you think like to see on other girls’ blogs? Photostories, and photo Shoots! 🙂
What do you think about Life of Faith dolls? They are really cute!
From Leah:
have you ever read THE ROMEO AND JULIET CODE, or THE BOY ON CINNAMON STREET. both by Phoebe Stone? Have you read THE LAST MUSKETEER 1,2, and 3 by Stuart Gibbs? No, but I will check them out! 🙂
From Abigail:
Do you play any sport(s)? Not really. I am not on any teams. I am more of a musical girl! 🙂 But in the summer I love playing Volley Ball, and badminton..we don’t have much yard space, its a hill so those are the only sports we can play in the backyard! haha! 😀 I wouldn’t mind being on a team but I am already busy with music! 🙂 
Tomorrow we are doing ‘Send it Saturday’ so send in today and tomorrow by 2 pm EST. 🙂 Thanks!
Comment your questions down below! Have a great day!!! 😀

Tuesday Q&A!!! Plus Special announcement! :)

Yeah! I can’t believe it’s time to answer your questions again! 🙂 Let’s get started!

From Abigail: 

1. What’s your favorite season?  Spring! 🙂 
2. Favorite animal(s)? Greek Tortoise! 
3. What do you think your personality is (tomboy, girly, etc.) Girly! But because I have 4 brothers, I have a smaaaall hint of tomboy kind of! 🙂

From Carli:

Who’s your favorite AGYouTuber? Basilmentos, 5dollstars, HeartAG, there are 2 more but I can’t think of there names! If I remember I will let you all know! 🙂

From Leah:

Have you ever been to a AG Store?  No, but I am hoping to go this summer! 🙂
Have you ever been to Alabama? No…but I want to! 🙂
Have you ever been to DollyWood (In Tennessee) or Disney? No, my family wants to go to Dollywood sometime though, and Disney! 🙂
Who is your Fav. band, and Fav. singer? Jamie Grace!
Do you want AG to have american girl and boy dolls? I think it would be cool, we wouldn’t need to customize dolls anymore! I mean I really want a Boy doll, so if they came out with that line I would be really happy! 🙂

From Christian Homeschooler:

What do you think of the new AG Egg Decorating Set? I think it is cute! like all AG items. I probably won’t get it thoug, just because it’s a lot of money for a set I probably wouldn’t use! 🙂
What web browser do you use? Google Chrome 
What do you think of the new WordPress emoticons? I miss the old ones, I don’t really like the blob look- 🙂 😀 


Okay! So that is all your questions, I think! So ask MORE, comment down below your questions you want me to answer next week!! 😀

Special Announcement….

We are starting ‘Send it Saturday!’ What’s that? It’s like ‘From a Friend Friday’ (AGFAN) and ‘Tell us Tuesday’ (LittleHouseOfAmericanGirl). My awesome friend LEAH suggested doing it! Thank you Leah! 🙂

So, send us your photos of your dolls at: AnAmericanGirlLife@gmail.com
Please send no more than 6 photos a week! 🙂
On Saturday I will post your photos! I can’t wait! 😀

♥Have a Great Day!♥








Hey Girls, sorry I-er-Sammy forgot to write on Sunday for totally Sammy! But She said she will do it after school today! 🙂

But are you ready for….Q&A? 😀

From Abigail: Are you planing to get another American Girl Doll? Yes! I am hoping to get Rebecca, but I also want to get #44, and maybe Cecile! 🙂

From Christian Homeschooler: What kind of camera do you use to take your pictures? I use Kodak easyshare C1450…I need to upgrade though! 🙂
Do you like or have stuffed animals? I do like stuffed animals. I have some, but over the years I got rid of my least favorites and only kept the nice ones! My favorite is a kitten my Parents got me when they went on a trip to Stowe Vermont.
What do you like best: GOTY, HC, or My AG? That is tough, I think I have to say HC, just because I love the details of how the dresses match the ones in the books, and when I was younger I thought it was cool that the stories were coming to life, and I still do! 🙂

From Carli: Who’s your favorite GOTY? I LOVE Kanani, even though I never got her, I really wish I would have, because I think she is so pretty. I also like Lanie too! I love curly haired dolls! 🙂
Who’s your favorite HC? Besides the ones I have… Rebecca, and Marie-Grace and Cecile (I love how they sing! 😉 ) And I loved Molly’s time era, I just didn’t like the doll that much.

From Leah: Whats your fav. book and movie? I absolutely love the Hunger Games Series! (and the Movies) But I have to say Tangled is my favorite movie, I know it’s really random compared to my favorite books…but I like a lot of different styles, so I am random! haha! 🙂


Thank you all so much for your awesome questions! I had fun answering them! 🙂

Leave a comment down below with your question(s), and I will answer them next week! 🙂

Have a great day!


Tg and the Girls: Q&A!

I finally figured out what to do on Tuesdays!!! We’re going to have a Q&A!!! Ask me any questions down below, and I will answer them next Tuesday! 🙂 You can ask anything, I won’t answer if it’s too personal! You can even ask my dolls questions too! So ask away!!! I am so excited to see what you are going to ask and I can’t wait to answer!!

I’ll talk to you all later!!