Dolls, Dolls, and a very cute Girl of The Year!

Okay, so you all know that I am saving up for Rebecca Rubin (to hopefully get her this Summer.) But lately I have been obsessing over Isabelle Palmer! I Really like her, too. And since she is only here for one year, I kind of want to get her! I am thinking, should I try to save up for 2 dolls? And do you all think people would think I am selfish? because I’m not, I am going to have to work really hard to save up for Rebecca alone. Does anybody know if Isabelle is worth the $120?  

I really love the fact that she dances, I have always wanted a GOTY, but I have never gotten one..and I keep waiting for the right GOTY to get, but I always miss them, and then the next year I am always like, “Why didn’t I get HER!!” 😦 

Do you think I should try to get 2 dolls? Do you all think I could do it? 🙂 HELP!!! 



Any Information on her will help, if you have seen any videos about her that you think could help me, please let me know!!


AG Savings!!

Hi gals, many of you know I am trying to save to buy Rebecca Rubin this summer/fall, I am hoping to go to the AG place, with my BFF when she visits me this summer. And I have a little saving system, and I thought I would tell you all about it, and maybe it will help you too!! 🙂

First off, I made a chart. I have certain goals, $50- I can buy  an outfit, and some accessories. $110- well we all know what $110 buy! ;)$182-  I can buy Rebecca and one or two of the outfits I want. $200- i am not sure if I will make it to this goal, but if I do I can buy almost everything i want. and $268- I can buy everything I want!! 🙂 (But I don’t know if I will make that much money!) but here is hoping!!



Beside this chart I have a picture of Rebecca:


I also put my money into a cash box, that you can only open with a key, so I gave my mom the keys, so that way I can’t open it and take it out! I think this is what will definitely make me not spend my money, because my mom is NOT going to give me the key till this summer!! And she hid somewhere, and I have no clue where!! 😀

I am hoping I can save up enough! wish me luck! And I hope all this helps you! I am hoping my BFF can save up enough too, because I will feel bad if I get my doll, and she doesn’t get the doll she wants! So just pray we both are dedicated to saving!! haha! 🙂


Talk to you all later!!


dolls, Dolls, DOLLS!!


So I LOVE this My american girl. She is so cute! And very unique!


And of course lovely Rebecca!


And my newest favorite, Caroline! She is so gorgeous!

I hope to save enough money to buy one of them this summer, maybe 2!(okay maybe not 2!) 🙂

Which dolls are your favorites, and which one do you think I should get, if I get one. And what would you name the MAG?