CDD-Our Cabin! :)

Hello, Sammy here, and We (My sisters and myself) wanted to show you pictures of our cabin, (Before we moved all of our stuff in!)
I don’t have much time to write, so tomorrow or Friday we will post pictures from our first day at camp, witch was Yesterday! 🙂 My sisters and I are roomies for the summer, and if any more girls show up during the summer we might get an extra…that would be fun! 🙂
Well…here are the pictures of our CABIN SUNSHINE! 🙂


This is an over view of our cabin….kinda small, but fun and cozy! 🙂

102_2893102_2893 This is Kirsten’s and Felicity’s space, after we registered our counselor ran to our cabin and put up our name banners so we                                                                                              knew where to go! how awesome is that!?




This is my space…right under the rules…Kirsten said: “It’s to make sure you follow them sammy!” haha very funny!



Cute little table with a lamp.  102_2895Rules and Schedule that MUST be followed! haha! 🙂


So yah, this is our cabin! ❤ can’t wait to have adventures here this summer at CDD! 🙂



Sammy and Felicity Cheer Photos!


 ♥Felicity and Samantha: Cheer 2014♥



It was really windy, so her hair was blowing a lot! 🙂



Samantha is apart of: Walden Academy Shooting Stars Cheer Squad Division 3! 🙂

And Felicity is apart of: Walden Academy Shooting Stars Cheer Squad Division 4!  🙂


🙂 Hope you like!


Exciting (non, but semi doll related) News for Me! :)

Okay, So I am not sure if I have posted anything about this on here, yet. But I am now! I am going on Vacation to the beach in May (I am not going to say which week or which beach until after I am back for safety reasons! 😉 ) But that isn’t the only exciting part, my Best Friend get s to come too! I am so excited, I don’t get to see her much because she lives in a different state, and the trip is about 3+ hours! I only get to see her 1-3 times a year, we were thinking we weren’t going to get to see each other until August, but when my family booked our beach house, the room I am going to stay in has two sets of bunk beds, so I asked my mom if my BFF could come, she talked to all my family that is coming, and they all thought it would be great if she could come! So my mom called my BFF’s mom and asked her if she could come. I waited for almost three weeks to see if the answer was YES! And It Was!!! and I even talked to my BFF in between and I wasn’t allowed to say a word about it! 🙂 Now we are counting down the days until we can see each other! And the BEST part, my brothers are riding down with their friend, so it is just my Bff, me, and my parents that are driving to the beach, won’t that be nice? Sorry I rambled, I am just SO excited!!!!! 😀

Oh, and my BFF got Samantha for Christmas, and she doesn’t have any clothes for her, (besides the meet dress!) so I am making her some clothes as a surprise, so far I have made her a skirt, and a swimsuit, I also made a swimsuit for my doll that I am taking (Which will be Felicity!) :


Do you like them? I used the Liberty Jane Pattern, although I changed it a little bit, because I didn’t have fold over elastic, and I hand sewed it all, I prefer hand sewing for small projects! 🙂

Can you tell I am excited, I have to try to get all of my school work done before vacation. and my BFF won’t be allowed to come unless she finishes by the end of April. Please pray that we can do it! 🙂 Thanks Gals!

Have a great day, I have to go clean up my AG stuff, and clean up my room! 😦


Activity Books!

So, apart of my AG savings, I am thinking about maybe getting one of the AG activity books. I want to try to get all of them (well, the 4 I like). But which one do you think I should get? Do you have any activity books, and which ones do you suggest? is it worth the $21?

Here are the 4  I want:


A-Doll School


B-Doll Boutique


C-Doll Travel


D- Doll scrapbook (bonus, only $17.95!)

Thanks everyone! 🙂