Felicity’s 12th Birthday!

Hey Gals, Felicity here! Some of you may know my Birthday was yesterday (the 21st) and when I got back from Cheer leading with with Samantha…they had a party set up! ahhhh! Mom took some photos, and she was there while they set up, so she will take over the post from here! 🙂

102_2668The Room Set up! 🙂

“Sammy! You’re home! Where is Felicity?” Kirsten Asked

“In the Kitchen, where else?!” Sammy replied.

Sammy went over and sat down. “NO! Don’t sit there Sammy!” Kirsten told her, “That chair is for the Birthday girl!”
“SHHH!!! SHE”S COMING KIRSTEN!!!” Sammy “whispered”, as they ran across the room to stand near the present table!


SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They both yelled when she walked in the room! She was so surprised, she had no idea we were throwing her a little party! 🙂

Look at all those presents! 🙂

102_2676“Here Felicity, sit here!” Kirsten said as she guided her to the special “Birthday Girl Chair”.


“Here, read my card and open my present first!” Sammy said as she handed her her card.


After she read the card, she opened the present. Inside was a pretty bracelet!

“OH! It’s so pretty! Thank you Sammy!”
“You’re Welcome! I made it just for YOU!” Sammy replied.


Then Felicity hugged Sammy! ♥


Then she read Kirsten’s card!

102_2684Then she read Kirsten’s card, and opened her present!


Ooooo….lip gloss and nail polish! (don’t worry, I am not going to actually put it on my doll! 😉 )102_2687102_2689

Then she opened my Present….and found out her special announcement! You all voted and I am taking Felicity to the Beach with me in May! Thought I would tell her on her Birthday! Surprise! 😀102_2690102_2691

“WE”RE GOING TO THE BEACH!!! OH MY GOSH, I HAVE NEVER BEEN!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!” She squealed as she gave me a big hug! ♥


Then she opened my present and found a swimsuit to take to the beach! She LOVES it, and can’t wait to go and wear it! 🙂102_2693102_2694

Then the last Present was a sleeping bag to take to the beach, and for camp later this summer! 🙂102_2695102_2696

Kirsten really liked it too! And pretended to be “asleep” haha! 🙂102_2697

then here is a photo of them talking, and having fun! 🙂102_2702

Then I got a few photos of them together!  I love my Girls so much! ♥


Happy Birthday to my oldest “girl” Felicity! Although Kirsten isn’t too far behind! Enjoy being 12 Lissie–Girl! ♥

How do your dolls celebrate their birthdays? And are your dolls your “daughters”, because I pretend that mine are my adopted girls! 🙂


Caption this Doll Photo!


Last week we had 2 captions:

From saige4crafts
Sammy: hey, do you think I am ready for the cheer squad ? karate chop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lissie: they don’t do that in cheer. They do this : Go team go! Go T-E-A-M !
Sammy: So they don’t do this? (starts kicking)
Lissie: Careful ! Don’t hurt me! By the way , were are your Pompoms ?
Sammy : I don’t need pompoms . But were is your white belt?
Lissie : Here we go again. Sammy, did you mean to sign up for karate ?
Sammy : Ops.

From Abigail {The Dazzling Dollies ♥}:

Sammy: Hey, Lissie, are you ready for cheer practice?
Felicity: Huh, what are you talking about?
Sammy: You know, cheer practice, where you practice cheerleading.
Felicity: Sammy, I know what it is, but we don’t have any practice today, it’s Monday, we have practice on Tuesday.
Sammy: Um, Felicity, today is Tuesday.
Felicity: Uh no! I completely forgot! Its already 5:00, we have to get there in 10 minuets! We’re gonna be late!

(Winner will be posted next Saturday!)

Now…it’s time….to caption THIS doll photo!!! ready?


I absolutely love this photo! haha!  caption away!


Camp Doll Diaries Is happening again this SUMMER!

Okay so HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! And what better way to get into the warm weather than finding out that your favorite doll camp is happening again this summer!?

I just saw on Doll Diaries that they just announced that they are hosting Camp Doll Diaries AGAIN! I am so excited, I didn’t do everything from last year, but I am hoping that this year I can! It start the end of May! 

I’ll talk to you all later, I am feeling LOTS better today! 🙂

I will probably post pictures today from my dolls’ party!


American Girls Forever!

I have some really exciting news gals!

I have been talking to my friend Marcia, and we have started an online club for girls only, 13 and up!

We are the girls that are in the “and up” part, and we all feel funny sometimes that we still love dolls. Well this is a place for all of us to come together, and realize that we’re not the only ones who love AG, there are TONS of other Girls, Just Like you and me!

Whats the club called? American Girls Forever Club!

The club was just started, so new updates will come eventually, and some things will probably change. But sign up TODAY!!

And tell your friends about it too, we need your help to get girls to join! Start telling people about it, it’s okay to love AG, and the world needs to know it!